Friday, 15 January 2010

Leather and Denim: Match Made in Heave

Ha ha ha, I made a rhyme!! And not even a good one. I wore this on Sunday which was very timely as the leather trousers fit right in with the rock and roll photography at the Brooklyn Museum. The yellow band on my wrist is not a live strong band; the Brooklyn Museum is so cool that it gives our wrist bands instead of tickets. Hipsters. I have worn these leather trousers over the last year more than I care to mention, and really more than should be appropriate for someone in their late 20s which is not super stick skinny. But I love them, and I won't stop wearing them either. The boots are from Madewell and were a Christmas present from my honey. They are soo uber cool. If only they were extra comfy, but I never find heels super comfortable. I think it is due to the first 25 years of my life existing in flipflops and converse. I got the shirt back in July from Topshop and have only worn it a couple of times. It is depressingly difficult to not look totally country in it. My coat is from J Crew and it gets worn well, every day. I love it. It makes me feel put together even though I rarely am.


Becca said...

You look really nice, I love leather and denim together. I'd quite like a pair of leather trousers but I'm not entirely sure I could pull them off, ahhhh, what it would be like to have long legs, I can only dream :)!!

Love the boots; would be great to see a close up pic next time you're wearing them and taking pics!!!


scarlettholly said...

Thank you! My legs aren't terribly long, but I am tall which helps.

I'll definitely take a close up of the boots next time.

Anonymous said...

Love the boots too!

Imo said...

Love the boots and the jacket and the look!


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