Thursday, 14 January 2010

Most Loved: Benefit PosieTint

If I only had time to put on two products in the morning, I would pick mascara and blush. And if I didn't have time to make a decision and had to go with something that makes me look healthier, more awake, happier, and a full-on better person, I would pick Benefit's posietint ($28). 3 simple dabs across my cheeks, a quick rub in and hello, I'm a normal person.

Oh wait, you want to know about the actual product? Well, it's a very liquid cheek stain that comes with a dinky little brush. It looks super bright corally pink when you dab it on, and then disappears  into the most lovely subtle pink blush. It's incredibly sheer so it's your color, but better. I could not live without this. Swoon.

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