Saturday, 26 December 2009

Warm & Cozy Haul

I hauled from the MAC Warm & Cozy collection online a couple of days ago, so I've had these for a couple of days now, but with Christmas fun and games I haven't had a chance to post online. I adore neutrals, and am slowly building up a collection of them, particularly from MAC. A whole collection of yummy warm neutrals was super exciting for me, and when I got my little paws on my package the other day, I had very high expectations. Sadly, for me, this collection didn't totally live up to those expectations.

From left to right, Mulled Cider, Modelette, and Chamomile

Mulled Cider is a satin, although it looks and feels more like a matte. Although I liked the warm brown-ness (I wanted to write brownie-ness there, but that would be whole other connotations!), I felt it was easily dupable. Sure enough, I looked through my not too extensive neutrals collection, and found that A Little Folie was pretty close, although it haad a touch more plum to it. I have to admit that I'm not super good at remembering to use A Little Folie, but maybe this collection will bring me back to it, as it doesn't feel like Mulled Cider is worth keeping.

Modelette is also a satin, and looks and feels like one as well. I like it a lot; it is a pretty tan or light brown that I see being really useful in daytime neutrals. It is not super pigmented, so needs some work to build up color.
Chamomile is a surprising winner. I am not really into highlight colors (I really have just three at the moment - Vanilla, Shroom, and Ricepaper), but Chamomile has won me over. Again, it is a satin, and has a nice smooth feel. It is also pretty pigmented - more so that Modelette actually.

Siss and Warm Me Up
From the lip side, I picked up 3 glosses - 2N, 3N, and Feeling Dreamy, and 2 lipsticks - Siss, and Warm Me Up.
Warm Me Up is an Amplified finish, and a pretty rose pink color. I love it. It is a great neutral pink, and strangely, I couldn't find anything else in my collection that matched it. Siss is a mid-brown or tan glaze. Seen those words before? That's right, I think Siss is pretty much the same color as Modelette eye shadow. Weird, huh? Normally I adore glaze finishes because of the sheerness and the sheen, but Siss is actually pretty strong. It also is suprisingly cool-toned on my face, and doesn't do anything for me at all. Not a winner.

Siss, Warm Me Up
Of the 3 glosses, 2 were rereleases, 2N and 3N. Normally, I look out for re-releases as I'm a MAC newbie and if a product was so good they're going to do it twice, it must be worth paying attention to.

From l-r: 2N, Feeling Dreamy, 3N
2N is a warm, creamy neutral beige. It is a pretty color, very wearable, and there is no shimmer. I liked this color, but didn't find anything too amazing about it. I already have some great neutral lipglasses (C Thru, Underage, Poetic License), and didn't feel that this one really added anything to my collection.
3N is a gorgeous, warm, browny color, with a hint of shimmer. I loved this color, and could definitely see me wearing this on a regular basis, especially at work.
Feeling Dreamy is very similar with 2N, but with a hint of shimmer. Weirdly, I usually don't like shimmery glosses, but preferred Feeling Dreamy to 2N. I felt like the shimmer added a bit of a kick to it.

 From l-r: 2N, Feeling Dreamy, 3N

There is a fourth gloss - Light That Fire - that I didn't pick up because I normally don't love corals, but seeing the swatches around the internet, I feel like I might be interested. I also didn't pick up the shadesticks, because I have no idea how they would fit into my collection, but I'm now debating picking up Nurture which is a pink champagne. Plus, I skipped the blushes, because they looked supershimmery, which isn't really my thing.

I've also done a quick look with these colors that I'll be posting later this week.

What about you - what did you think of this collection? Live up to your expectations or a blah skip?


Princesa Livia said...

Thank you for your lovely review! This collection isn't out in the UK yet and I'm also on vacation, but when I'm back there I hope to check this collection out!

At the moment, what's on my definite list are~

By Candlelight MSF
Warm Me Up lipstick
Cuddle shadestick - the gold sheen looks so pretty on online swatches!

Then I'd also like to check out Chamomile & Modelette eyeshadows =)

If you were to pick up only 2 products from this collection, which ones would it be? x

scarlettholly said...

if you are only picking 2, I would look at warm me up and cuddle shadestick. The shadows are good, but there are other neutrals which are better, or are dupeable. By Candlelight is super-shimmery, and I don't love MSFs either, so I guess I'm biased!


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