Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Tuesday Mood Session

It's Tuesday, it's time to see where my head's at!

1. What's my mood?
Very good. My husband is happily entertained with basketball on television, Santa was great to me, work is quiet, and the blog is quietly picking up subscribers. Times are good!

2. What am I wearing?
Ha ha, funny story. I started the day wearing a J Crew long shirt and grey leggings. It is soo incredibly cold today, so I had to take the dog for a walk, so I just started putting clothes on top of my "base layer". So, Gap skinny jeans over grey leggings, black sequin tuxedo cardigan from J Crew over shirt, black Uggs, Madewell yellow madras scarf. Make up mostly from Warm & Cozy - my eyes are Chamomile, Expensive Pink (another one to tick off my list), Modellete, A Little Folie, and the darkest brown shade in the Devil May Care Palette, Lips are Warm Me Up and Feeling Dreamy, and skin is Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation and NARS Gilda Blush.

3. What am I obsessing over?
Getting my blog "out there", the fact that I'm going to Palm Beach in 2 days, and the new China Glaze Up & Away collection that should start shipping next week.

4. How was Christmas?
Lots of fun, despite the fact we are orphans far away from our family. We had Christmas morning at home with lots of presents and a yummy breakfast. Then we took the puppy for a long long walk, and went to our friend's house for dinner. A lovely, calm, relaxed day.

5. What's happening this week?
Palm Beach for New Year is the big story. I'll put up a few scheduled posts to keep my readers happy though. I'll be away for 4 days, but the weather forecast is not looking supreme. :(

6. Go on, admit it, what did you buy last week?
Target for Rodarte arrived, and then kind of sucked (better in photos than real life unfortunately. Or maybe if you are not 5' 8" and of "athletic build") so a lot got sent back. Walked around the sales but bought nothing. I have some returns to Sephora to do so maybe I'll pick up something then... Oh, duh, the Warm & Cozy stuff.

7. Even after all that, are you planning on buying anything this week?
Nope, not really. China Glaze next week. And All Races is coming out, so I'll get excited for that.

How was your Christmas? Got plans for New Year? Score anything in the sales? Leave it in the comments, I'll be sure to check it out!

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