Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas Wishlist

Ohmigod another list post! It's like I can't write anything more at the moment. Promise I will soon. That and take wardrobe shots. It's properly on my to-do. 

Anyways, it's probably a little late to get this message to Santa, but if I could, here's what I would hope to find in my stocking this year:

Oh, Alexander Wang, how do I love thee? Well, in plenty of ways, but this gorgeous dressed up dress down chic dress caught my eye a couple of months ago, and it's still tempting me today. It looks perfect for carrying me through all the seasons (oh, the magic of black tights and high heels!), with the denim shirt aspect offering a playful touch to his trademark draped skirts. I could just see myself wearing this over and over again.

Yep, everyone's been talking about this awesomely gorgeous shade from Essie this season. Chanel might have started the Jade trend back in September, but having tried that shade and looked at this one, this one has awesome written all over it. Something about the creaminess and the mintiness that make it look uber flattering for the short nailed girls amongst us. It's been online a while, and sold out at my favorite online nails place, transdesign, but just came in stock at my local duane reade. Score.

This time last year I promised myself that next year would be the year that I finally treated myself to Frye boots. Well, I haven't yet, and I'm hoping that Santa will. Fryes last for years, and I hope that I'll be able to pass my pair onto my kids at some point, but in between now and then, I can't wait to rock them with cords, skirts, jeans, shorts, and maybe even on a horse. They are the perfect go with anything boot.

Let's get all my shoe desires out of the way at once, shall we? I'm have some serious flat shoe issues at the moment, where nothing in my wardrobe, aside my incredibly awesome gap slouchy worker-chic boots from last year, fills me with any kind of excitement and it all looks wrong, wrong, wrong. Even my trusty bright white converse are failing me, looking tired and overexposed, and also being very, very cold. So, I have flat shoe shaped holes in my wardrobe which need filled. And I think brogues fit that shape pretty nicely. A little bit androgynous, a little bit sharp, a little bit ironic, and a little less ubiquitous. The nicest ones I’ve seen are at J Crew; Steve Madden has some very second rate pairs (comme d’habitude); Aldo had a nice pair I saw a while ago which maybe they still have. Oh, and of course Topshop have some options as well.

I know, 3 pairs of flats and no heels. Actually, I only like wearing heels in Spring and Fall – Summer and Winter are too much work for them. Anyways, like the aforementioned brogues, these add a little je ne sais quoi to a girl’s wardrobe. Deliberately chunky, and all that cushioning provides some much-needed warmth in winter months. The tweed is a great heritage touch. I can see these looking totally amazing with dark skinny jeans, and being absolutely brilliant for walking all over the city. Only problem – Nike skate shoes have some sort of weird limited edition thing going on which means that these demand very high prices – these are around the $300 mark, which is a little much for me. The alternative is of course to design your own on the nikeid website.

I really hope this ends up in my stocking this year. Scott Shulman is the king of capturing street style, and this book will provide me with endless inspiration, mainly of people on bicycles.

Robert Frank’s seminal piece of work was the photography book “The Americans” . This book contains all the shots from the book, along with notes on context, how the book was put together, and the dominant themes running through Frank’s work. It is based on the exhibition currently running at the Met.


I discovered these a while ago and picked up Calliope and Belle Du Jour after finding out that they are used to create those lovely matt lips in Mad Men. Calliope is currently my every day neutral for wearing to the office, and I just love how easy the pencil is to use, how it feels (not too drying at all), and the lovely matteness. I think for my next colors I’d like to pick up Dragon Red or Dolce Vita.

9. Tickets to the New York Ballet.
Every year I wish for these. Every year I’m disappointed. Lovely husband says that that is the way it’s going to stay. Sob. 

I love looking through Etsy looking for cool handmade stuff, and whilst the search can be a pain and overwhelming, sometimes you come up with awesome pieces like this. I honestly could buy something from that site every single day and not get tired. Right now my jewellry kick is on funky bracelets and rings, and I love the woven look of this. Heart.

10. World Peace. Duh. 

What's on your Christmas list this year? Have you been a good girl? 

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