Saturday, 16 January 2010

Saturday Surfing Round Up

What's been going on on the rest of the interweb this week?

  • I posted about my first elf haul earlier this week. BeautyJunkieLondon makes me want to go and place another order with this NARS dupe!
  • Tao's Makeup has some great drugstore lipstick picks
  • I've never really wanted Chanel make up before, but Karen's post on Make Up and Beauty Blog makes me want to remortgage my house for these. 
  • I once had a pedicure at Rescue Beauty Lounge and was left incredibly underwhelmed. However, I'd be willing to forget that experience based on these amazing new nail colors coming out in Spring. All Lacquered Up has the scoop. 
  • Lipstick Rules features MAC's Jest as an unsung hero - great, another one for my list!
  • I Heart Cosmetics has the most yummy looking honey cupcakes to make. Bang goes the New Year Resolutions!
  • Lipstick and Lollipops lets us take a good look at her lipstick collection. I know I got some ideas about some colors to pick up!
Let me know about any other great posts you wrote or saw this week! Have a great weekend!!! 


Lipstick Rules said...

Thanks for including me! I love this feature on your blog.

scarlettholly said...

You're welcome! I love checking out your blog :)


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