Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Fresh Sugar Cubes Review

My lovely husband picked up the Fresh SugarBath Lemon Bath Cubes ($34 / 7.7oz) for me for Chrismas as part of his terrifying Sephora experience, and I finally had a chance to try these last night. The instructions said to use 2-3 per bath. The bicarbonate of soda is to create effervescent bubbles (aka fizz) which is good for sloughing away dead skin. I tossed them in before I got in so I didn't get to test this claim, but they produced so little fizz that I wouldn't rely on it for exfoliation.

The first thing to know about these bath cubes do not create bubbles. None. Zip. ZERO. If bubbles are an integral part of bath-time for you, skip this product, or you will be disappointed.

They smell divine. Like a yummy, lemony sugary piece of heaven. Sweet, but not cloying. I loved it. I didn't really notice anything whilst I was in the bath apart from a yummy scent. When I got out though, I did think that my skin was lovely and soft, so I liked that part of it as well. I know it should not technically be part of a review, but they also look gorgeous on the shelf. Amazing translucent glass jar with a nice weight. Not one to hide away in a cupboard.

To sum up, these were a great gift product. Would I buy them for myself? Probably not. Next time I'll try the bath and shower gel which has the same great scent for a few less bucks.

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