Friday, 1 January 2010

About Me

Welcome to Jolie Laide Girl!

Jolie Laide is a French expression literally translated as "pretty / ugly", but means a girl who is unconventionally beautiful, or a woman who may not be considered pretty, but makes the most of herself. For me, Jolie Laide is also about a sense of insouciance, of being comfortable with yourself and your sense of beauty and style.

I am a mid-twenties girl living in New York City. I have been interested in fashion and beauty all my life, spending far too much time flicking through magazines and trying on turquoise eye shadows. By day I negotiate the murky world of financial services as an IT manager, and by night I debate I debate MAC versus NARS and Proenza Shouler, with a healthy dose of Topshop and Covergirl thrown in.

Jolie Laide is a blog set up in December 2008 to cover my personal perspective on fashion and beauty. I regularly feature product reviews, make up ideas, outfit posts, and shopping and blog finds across the internet. All posts of my opinion only, and I am not paid to review any product. If I have received a product as a sample for review, a disclaimer is included in my post. I do not guarantee to post on products received, not do I guarantee positive coverage.

I do really love to interact with my readers, so feel free to get in contact with me either via the comments section, following me on twitter, or emailing via jolielaidegirl [at]

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