Sunday, 14 February 2010

Urban Decay Pink Lipsticks

I was inspired last week by Temptalia's Spring Season to get some new spring pink lipsticks. After much thought, I decided on two from Urban Decay - Rush and Naked.

Naked is a pretty dusty rose pink with the slightest hint of gold shimmer.

Rush is ever so slightly darker, again with a hint of shimmer. It is ever so slightly warmer than Naked.

Urban Decay lipsticks apply gorgeously rich and creamy, and are a real pleasure to wear. They have a slightly sweet scent which I actually really like. They come in interesting packaging. The lid is clear plastic with purple and cream swirls, and the bottom of the lipstick has a dagger on it. The only drawback I found was that the Naked lid didn't stay tight on the tube, although the Rush one did. 

L-R Rush and Naked
Both of these were gorgeous on - a kind of my lips but better color. have quite pigmented dark pink lips, so when I applied these, there was absolutely no difference in the shades. Or at least, not enough of one to warrant having both colors, so I'm returning Rush. Having said, I would highly recommend at least one of these colors for perking you up on a cold winter's day to remind you that Spring really is around the corner.

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Anonymous said...

I actually really like the look of these. I usually steer clear of lipsticks (not sure why) and I'm a lipgloss addict so that's saying something!


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