Thursday, 11 February 2010

Do you use things up or buy something better?

Beauty bloggers by definition love to experiment with new products, new looks, new brands. They pride themselves on also knowing the best eyeliner, the best shadow primer, the best mascara. So, what do you do about products that you try out, and you find out that they really aren’t the best at all? For example, right now I have two choices for a liquid liner if I am going for that look: MAC Penultimate is a pen liner, which I really love, and a black Stila smudge pot which is a gel liner. I also have MAC’s Rich Ground Fluidline liner which is a gel liner in brown. From using Rich Ground, and from all the reviews out there in the blogosphere (urgh, I hate that word), I know that I will love MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack far more than my current Stila smudge pot, which, frankly, I don’t love. I mean, it has reasonable staying power, is black enough (who knew black could have so much, or so little depth?), but doesn’t have the richness that I’m looking for, nor does go it on super smooth like the Fluidline.

I am sure that you have encountered many similar situations to this yourself. Do you go straight out and buy a new one? Do you wait until you’ve used the poorer quality item up? Right now, I’m trying to wait. I’m certainly still doing looks with the Stila product, and I hate waste. I’m terrible at actually finishing a product (um, I’ve hit pan on 1 shadow and 1 blush in my entire life), but I also cannot throw things out. I’m committing to working through to at least half way on the Stila before I can even consider buying the MAC product though. I’m really interested in hearing what other people’s approaches to this dilemma are, and if they change depending on the product.


Kim| Tres Jolie said...

My favorite gel liner is MAC's Blacktrack too! To answer your question, if I have a favorite product, and I try something similar, if I don't like the new product, I just don't use it anymore. I'd prob write the company telling them my thoughts about the product.

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Anne-Marie said...

have you tried swapping or selling your items?its what I do and have tried ton of products that way!

Kim| Tres Jolie said...

@Ann-Marie, nope I have never swapped or sold my items. I usually just give them away to my sisters or friends. Swapping sounds good. Makeup Alley is where people usually swap, right?

Widdlesh said...

I usually tend to buy a bunch of stuff whenever I learn of a new product that seems really intriguing. At the moment however, I've been realizing that I have waaaaay too much make up.
So lately, I've been trying to challenge myself to use all of a product up before I go and buy a replacement :)

Anonymous said...

I find it funny how the Stila Smudge Pot costs more than the MAC Fluidline and people favor Fluidline. I usually give products I don't like to my sister, mom or friends. Like Ann-Maire said, you can swap or sell them too.

scarlettholly said...

swapping or selling is very intriguing. Every month or so I post about my challenge to incorporate my rarely used items in looks as my list of unloved stuff is way too long! Maybe I'll sell/swap what I don't like though... There are also forums on specktra for that.

Anne-Marie said... has a swap shop on their forum which Ive used and Ive also used specktra. Ive a bag full of stuff Im hoping to sell on specktra soon - once you have 50 posts on their site you qualify xx


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