Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Stila's Jewel Palette Makes a Shiny Shiny Mess

Stila's latest spring offering is the Jewel Eye Shadow Palette Quad ($32) quad of four creamy, glittery shadows. The colors are Golden Topaz, which a orange-brown with silver glitter, Amethyst which is a dark purple with gold glitter, Black Diamond which is black with silver glitter, and finally Rose Quartz which is a medium pink with silver glitter. I have to admit that I was quite surprised by the timing of this product: because of the drama and glittery feel, I felt that this would be an awesome holiday product, rather than Spring. It is not the largest palette and you can see from the comparison pictures, it is about half the size of a MAC quad.

Ooooh, I so wanted to love this. Just look at those colors!! Temptalia adored this palette, likening the colors to giving your eyes a wet look, which is an eye effect that I simply adore. And when I swatched it, I was still feeling good about it. The colors swatched sheerly as I expected, but were buildable, and I could definitely see that gorgeous, decadent, wet look feel. So far, so good.

L-R Golden Topaz, Amethyst, Black Diamond, Rose Quartz

I applied this over Elf Eye Primer which I've been keeping in rotation with my Urban Decay Primer and MAC Paint. I used Golden Topaz and Rose Quartz, and wow, they certainly packed a glitter punch! I loved the sheer orange tones and the pink was also really pretty. On the lid, the wet look wasn't quite as dynamic as it was when swatched, but was still pretty. The glitter was very striking, and that's the point of the palette, so it certainly delivers there.
Size comparison with MAC Quad

However, an hour later I went to the bathroom, and holy bejesus, FALL OUT!! I literally had a glitter attack all over my cheeks. It was crazy insane. I cleaned myself up, although glitter fall out is a bit of a nightmare to clean up (you can never get it all off, ever!), and then a couple of hours later, even more had migrated down my cheeks. This is most definitely not a long haul product.

This product packs a heavy duty glitter punch, and is definitely dramatic. Unfortunately it cannot be trusted to stay put, and you may end up with a glitter explosion all over your face.

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Kiradris said...

This one seems to be a disappointment all around. I was shocked by how small each eyeshadow was, especially compared to MAC quads!

Lisa Kate said...

Noooooooooo!!! *crash* (that was the sound of my hopes falling). I really, really, really wanted this to be awesome. This is a sad day in lisaville :(


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