Friday, 19 February 2010

Sugar Sweet Bombs and Navel Gazing

Yesterday was a bit of a weird day. Every day I have to walk past the New York Fashion Week Tents every day - they are actually outside where I work. At the start of Fashion Week, I love them, I'm inspired, and excited, and awed by the glamour and gorgeousness of my favorite industry. Fashion, and as part of that beauty, is my first love. I've always been passionate about clothes and trends and styles, and fiercely believed in using fashion as a means to express my own personality.

However, I do not work in fashion. I work in IT for a major financial company. I love to write about beauty products here, and wish that I did more fashion things here (the only thing that holds me back is that fashion pictures can be so difficult to do), but at a certain point during NYFW I realised just how far away I am from where my heart lies. This is not about how many readers I have here (I'm surprised anyone reads at all!), but rather the larger question of how far I am away from working in the industry I love. I do plan on taking this blog as far as I can take it and maybe even cover some aspects of NYFW in September or Feb next year, but right now, I feel far away and lost from myself and my own sense of style. I am surrounded by so much gorgeousness and style and beauty that right now I simply feel a sense of disappointment in myself that I am not dressing better, making better style choices, wearing heels, rocking harem pants, layering effortlessly, and taking beautiful inspirational photos of stylish things. Instead, I'm rocking in my jammies here wearing glasses and not being at all chic. Sigh.

Anyway, I decided to think about cheering myself up by talking a wander through Walgreens at lunchtime. I was thinking of getting some of the new Maybelline quads, and I've heard rumors of a collection that is similar to MAC's Sugar Sweet last year, and I've also been dying for some of the new Wet N Wild nail varnishes. I would have thought that a three storey Walgreens in Times Square would have a good selection of things: my how I was wrong! So, no chance of a sneaky lunchtime drugstore haul. Maybe that's not a bad thing - put some money back in my pocket ;)

This isn't an all bad things post - am rocking the Sugarbomb Box of Powder  from Benefit like nothing else, and I've been loving my new lip combination which is Cover Girl Lipstain in Everbloom Kiss with MAC Dazzleglass Creme in Perfectly Unordinary. Both are girly, pretty, sweet, fun and generally spring like. See, I knew something would put a smile of my face eventually :)

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