Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Tuesday Mood

Tuesday  Mood 
I figured that if I did my mood questions on Mondays, well, they would always be depressing! By Tuesdays I hope to have gotten over the Monday blues.  
1. What's my mood today?
 Tired. I don't know whether it's because I've been watching 2 or 3 Fringe episodes a night (hello Pacey! Sorry, Joshua Jackson), but I keep having these crazy dreams and waking up tired.  
2. What am I wearing?
"Home Clothes" - some gray Gap pyjama bottoms with  a gray and white stiped long sleeve t shirt and snuggly socks. We can't be stylish all the time.  It's definitely got a cuddly chic thing going on - I had no shame in picking up my parcels from the doorman wearing that.  
3. What am I obsessing over?
 Getting annoyed with myself for not remembering to do all my online shopping via ebates, trying to find time to finish up making Christmas presents and decorations, and debating make vs buy on Christmas cookies and treats. Ooooooh, and the fact that a package of about 10 different China Glaze nail varnishes arrived today! A good thing too, because my current nails (Essie's Mink Muffs - not my favorite) are getting all chippy.  
4. How was my weekend?
Pretty good thanks. Started poorly with a much-hyped and very disappointing Arctic Monkeys gig on Friday, then hit a high point at La Esquina for cocktails (hello margaritas made with cucumber and agave), and then a so bad it's good again at my first ever karaoke bar on Saturday. Sunday, as you can imagine, was spent in a sleepy daze, made all the better for the pouring rain.
5. What's happening this week?
Last minute Christmas shopping and related activities. That means hitting the Wired popup down in Meatpacking to get presents for the boys. And two more bootcamp sessions. Maybe I'll actually make it to all 3 this time. Aside from that, remember to tidy my closet (it's a crazy crazy mess), maybe drinks with an old school friend before she heads back home for Christmas.
6. Go on, admit it, what did you buy last week?
Ohmigoodness, what didn't I buy? Well, a huge box from J Crew arrived which was a mixture of presents for my man, and goodies for me. I'm particularly loving this grey top and these ruffled tops. Of course, some of has already been sent back to the store. I also finally got around to hitting purchase on Transdesign for a bunch of China Glaze polishes  and they arrived today . I'm very obsessed with my nails right now, so I'm excited about getting festive with those. Urban Decay were doing a deal on Yeyo, Baked, and Dime 24/7 pencils for $7, and a mini  Covet, Electric, and Lust pencils for $5, so those were also picked up. Swatches to follow soon. Finally, Sephora's VIB $20 voucher was burning a hole in my pocket. I really wanted to use it on Nars Velvet Matte Pencil in Red Dragon, but it was sold out, so instead I picked up 2 more UD pencils - Gunmetal and Lucky, and Sephora's Eyelash/Eyebrow Comb which Karen reviewed over here. Phew! That's about it.
7. Even after all that, are you planning on buying anything this week?
Something for the guys who live next door, but no, my purchasing is done really for 2009. Ooh, apart from the MAC launches on Dec 26th. Famous last words - let's see next week what I've managed to waste my cash on.
I'd love to hear how your guys weekend was, what you've been buying, and what you've got planned for the week.

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