Wednesday, 30 December 2009

My favorite tee and adventures in the dog park

J Crew coat, Madewell T, cords, boots

As I type this, Moose the puppy is completely knocked out fast asleep on his bed. The reason that this is news is that Moose hasn't slept in his bed for over 3 months when he discovered the leaping power in his hind legs that propels him onto couches and beds, which are his preferred napping zones.

Anyway, here's some outfit shots we took on Sunday whilst hanging out in the dog run. We were supposed to be taking more photos but it didn't really end up that way. This is a close up of my awesome boots that Ori got me for Christmas. They are from Madewell, and a cool mix of utilitarian and heels.

This is a shot of my cardigan and you can see a glimpse of my tee. This is my favorite tee at the moment because of the sheerness, the loose fit and the chainmail pocket. Another one from Madewell.

Topshop cardigan, Madewell shirt and cords

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