Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Year's Resolutions

New Year, New You, and all that. Every year we try and make ourselves better people. I've got some definite plans to make myself into a more jolie laide girl this year:

Gotta use all this, remember?

1. Learn how to contour my face. You've seen the before and after pictures on 'slebs. Really, cheekbones can be made not born. And I'm sure I can learn how. Contouring and highlighting have not grabbed my attention before as fun eye colors are much more exciting, but I'm a growing (read aging) woman, I need to learn these things stat.
2. Find my HG foundation. I firmly believe that this is every woman's dream. A choice between looking like having amazing skin all the time versus owning the entire Laboutin collection, I really think that skin would win. Contenders in this epic are Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, MAC, NARs and any other recommendations. It needs to make my skin look real, but better. Yeah, nothing new there, but right now it's not happening for me. 
3. Bring more of my never-used into my sometimes used category. Yes, I've mad posted about this already. It's a big one. 
4. Tidy my wardrobe and keep it there. Photos of my wardrobe will not be surfacing on this blog, unless it's maybe in the after stage. But let's just say that I have an excess of clothes and no place to put them. The new bag of Rodarte for Target is not helping matters. 
5. Be less impulsive with clothes shopping, especially for trendy pieces. See Rodarte for Target above. But really, I do need to work on this. I've been proud of myself during the last couple of months for not bringing home too many clothes, and for getting everything I buy on sale. I just gotta keep the momentum going. 
6. Buy heels I can wear. Okay, I can try. 
7. When my nail varnish chips, fix it! I am so bad at this, and then they just taunt me!
8. If I want something, check whether I can get it via ebates and save money rather than impulse shopping. Ohmigod, this kills me. I always remember after the fact. Such a pain. Now I am keeping the tab open and trying to shop less anyway. 

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