Monday, 21 December 2009

New Collections From Topshop

I can't help it - I unashamedly adore Topshop. It's pure consistent love, all the time. I grew up with it, we have grown together, and we migrated across the Atlantic at the same time. If only I had undergone similar price inflation while doing so! I could easily spend all of my paycheck there every month, but have to show a measure of restraint, otherwise my lovely husband will literally beat me. Or at least make me give half of my overflowing closet to thrift stores. I'm not sure which would be worse...

Anyway, Topshop has their new spring collection information online. There are four collections: Parisienne, Saloon, Meadow, and Downtown.


This collection looks amazing. In fact, I was about to simply add that whole outfit to my shopping cart. I'm still considering it, but Topshop are supposed to be sending me a whole bunch of vouchers which is the only thing from stopping me!

Their words are:
Flirty, feminine and fun, fashion has always been in love with stripes, polka dots and pearls, so get ready to fall head over heels for Parisienne glamour with flouncy dresses, boucled jackets, embroidered tees and playful accessories that have the perfect dose of ladylike cool.

This looks to be the best collection out of the four. A good amount of tongue in chic fun, wearable but head-turning. Love.


I love the promo image for this, and think the dress is absolutely amazing to die for. The rest of the collection looks interesting, but I have a feeling that if I go for it wholehearted I might end up looking like a 70s throwback. One to watch, maybe pick up a few key pieces here and there...

In Topshop's words:

Give your wardrobe a high-kick with cancan ruffles, saloon inspired frills, broderie anglaise, and delicate cutwork that's fit for a cowgirl. Teamed with indigo denim, beaten up leather and casual canvas, dusty colored tulles and sun-faded prints reflect the warm, heady nights of the Wild West.


There's always one collection that Topshop puts out a season that I simply don't get, and this is it for me. All the lace and prints in the lookbook will look amazing on super skinny model types, but on my build, I'm running the risk of looking like a weird wedding cake. You never know, maybe I'll see it in store and fall in love...

Topshop describe it as:

Take a trip to the English countryside with billowing chiffon, bleached denim and delicate florals that conjure up a summer's day. Toughened up with studded waistcoats, lace-up boots and leather accessories, lace, crochet and intricate embroidery are given a harder edge for spring.

Okay, I do like the sound of studded waistcoats and leather accessories, so it is entirely possible that I end up checking this out when more pieces are released next year.


This is Topshop's Alexander Wang collection. And that's not a bad thing. I love it. It's tough, angry, edgy, sort of wearable (I want to get my head around those harem pants, I really do), and so very very New York. It's as if all that time at Broadway/Broome has gone to their heads. It's very sporty, and chunky high heels are a must. Like Parisienne, I'm going to die for this collection.

Their words:

Mixing experimental fabrics, futuristic shapes and sporty detailing, Downtown has a luxurious, yet pared down aesthetic. With a laid-back urban edge, slinky harems with hidden zips, bodycon pieces in graphic prints and leggings with power mesh inserts are set to become your future classics.

Yes, yes they are.

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