Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Cheeky Tarte

Tarte Cosmetics have a strong brand focus on being natural make up brand. One of their most famous products is their line of cheek stains which contains a Super Fruit Complex with soothening and softening properties. As you may be aware, cheek stains are one of my absolute favorite make up products. Posie Tint by Benefit is a must have product, and I wore a deep deep hole in my stila rouge pot. I also have two cheek and lip stains from stila still to review, bad blogger that I am! 

I picked up the Tarte Stain in Blissful, described as a warm peachy pink, although to me it looks closer to strawberry, a couple of months ago. They have a fairly big range of colors to pick from and I had quite a hard time picking out just one. It looks absolutely delicious. The product is exceedingly generous. It comes in a wide push up shape, and looks a bit like a giant lip balm. 

The first thing I noticed when I tried the product was its texture. It is quite sticky, and much less liquid or creamy than I imagined it would be. I did not like this at, and I felt like it made blending the color onto my cheeks difficult. To me, a cheek stain should feel like nothing at all, and be incredibly easy to blend into nothing. This was so tacky that I felt that it was sticking to my cheeks as I tried to blend it, and that I was actually rubbing off my base as I was doing it. In fact, I found it hard to guage how much to use as my cheeks were pink from trying to quickly rub the color in! Once on, it did provide a lovely sheer sheen of color, but boy did I have to work to get there. 

I think that this product is incredibly good value, and I can never ever imaging using the whole product or even 10% of it! However, the tackiness of the application really puts me off using it unfortunately, so despite the lovely range of colors and the pretty outcome, I won't be buying this again.

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