Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tuesday Mood Session

It's Tuesday, so time to check in on my moooood!

1. What's my mood?
Eh. Not so great. Work's busy, feeling blah, not sure what to have for dinner.

2. What am I wearing?
I was at work today and haven't changed. So, black turtleneck, blakc and white silk ruffled sleeveless shirt over, pink wool skirt, black tights. All J Crew.  

3. What am I obsessing over?
I have a box of NYX and Elf goodies to try out and I haven't even had a chance to go near them recently. Just been busy with family things instead. 

4. How was the weekend?
Cool. Went to see a Who Shot Rock and Roll - the photography exhibition - at the Brooklyn Museum. Stayed in both nights as was out on Thursday instead at Pastis and trying to save money. I have about $40 to last me until Friday! It would have been better if my dry-cleaning hadn't been $29 - whaaaat???

5. What's happening this week?
My cousin is staying a few days so I'll be showing her the seedy nightlife of NY, and I'm also going to the theater on Saturday to see God of Carnage which is uber exciting. 

6. Go on, admit it, what did you buy last week?
All Races haul, which was reasonable but not too scary. And nothing else. :)

7. Any purchased planned for this week?
Nope. As I said last week, clothes shopping is banned in January. I am up to my ears in new kit from Elf and NYX, and I haven't even really taken the All Races stuff out apart from to swatch. So zip. Nada. Rien. Unless the China Glaze Up and Away collection goes online in which case all bets are off.

8. Random question - favorite character?
I am in love with everything in Lost in Translation, especially ScarJo's character Charlotte. She is young and lost and intelligent and mean and she doesn't know why. She is bored and does the same things we all do bored - think we should improve and try on lipstick and play with our hair. She is confused and knows she can be better. I guess she is the iconic lost college grad that I saw a little bit of myself in, without the amazing pouty lips and not-quite affair with a much older man. But who I really want to grow up to be is CJ from the West Wing - competent, intelligent, fiery, passionate, can hang with the boys but wears Armani. A wonderful, wonderful role model.

Let me know how your week was, and if you have a favorite character in a book, film, tv show.

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