Monday, 11 January 2010

The Philosophy Miracle Worker Can Turn Leather Into Silk

More than anything in the world, girls want the best skin they can possibly have. I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, but I am pretty sure that almost any girl would happily exchange the entire MAC eye shadow collection for the promise of glowing, healthy, young skin.

I have been lucky enough to have had reasonable skin, though not perfect, for most of my adult life. I would definitely categorize it as combination - oily forehead and nose, drier patches, and a touch rosy, although no breakouts since I was a teenage. However, last year, at the grand old age of 28, it started to give me problems. There were lots of good reasons for this: getting older, moving from Edinburgh to NYC which was big changes in terms of climate and also dirt levels (sorry NY!), less sleep and more work. It started to show, and I started to get the odd breakout and my skin started to look less even and smooth. Urgh, it was so frustrating!!!

So, what’s my skincare story? First, I have to make a confession. When my skin was good, I did not wash it. Not once. I would sometimes remember to take makeup off, but rarely. I know. I think I will be sent to Beauty School Hell for that. It as only when I started to get problems that I started using cleanser. I’ve been moisturizing since I was about 21. Yes, don’t lecture me, I know I’m going to pay for this all later! I played around with a few combinations here and there, but never found anything that blew me away.

Until, one impulsive day during the Sephora Friends & Family sale. I randomly decided to drop $85 on the Philosophy Miracle Worker Kit. Y’see, it had a couple of things I liked. 1. Miracle Worker. Doesn’t that just sound awesome? 2. I already had tried and loved Hope in a Jar. 3. $85 for $156 value - AWESOME!! 4. There was a scrub. If there is one thing I love to do, it’s scrub. I am absolutely crazy for exfoliators. 

Anyways, the kit arrived, and sat in my bathroom for a few days. Then, I decided to take the plunge. There are 6 items in the kit: Purity Made Simple Cleanser, Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash,  Hope in a Jar Moisturizer, Hope in a Tube Eye and Lip Firming Cream, the microdelivery peel vitamin c/peptide crystals and activating gel. I used the Purity Made Simple cleanser first, dried myself off entirely, and started on the Miracle Mask. That thing is amazing. For a start, it smells like oranges and has this great sugary consistently that makes you feel like your scrub is really working. THEN you use the next stage in the treatment which is an activating agent. It makes the Vitamin C scrub foam and lightly tingle. Rinse off after a few minutes AND IT WAS LIKE MY SKIN WAS JUST 9 YEARS OLD. Woah, and totally unexpected in terms of immediate results. I literally made people touch my face all day. The mask is pretty tough on the ol’ skin, I followed with Hope in a Jar which is my favorite moisturizer ever. It just makes my skin feel happy and even.

Microdelivery Peel after 6 weeks of use

In order to keep the good work going, I also used the Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash every morning in the shower, followed by Hope in a Jar every day. So far, my skin is looking better than it was, much more even and smooth, and I can skin foundation on some (not all!) days. Actually, I'm thinking I need to look for a good tinted moisteriser now my skin is looking so healthy and radiant. And, I actually look forward to Saturday Scrub Day when I scrub myself all over with Kiehls Creme De Corps scrub (another post), and then my face with Philosophy. It really sets up my weekend with smooth, amazing skin. So, if you need a miracle for your skin, I would definitely recommend checking the Miracle Worker kit out.

No make-up, no retouching, and I don't look like a scary monster!


Amanda Allison said...

I wish I had your skin. My skin is acne-prone, which has great affects on me - physically and emotionally. I've always heard/read great things about Philosophy but I'm not sure if I should spend money on it. I'm just thinking about forking over the money to see a dermatologist. Anyway, I can't wait to see your skin weeks from now. Its going to look fabulous, I'm sure!

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

I JUST purchased this at Sephora. This makes me even more excited to try it out :D Thanks for sharing! xx

scarlettholly said...

@Amanda the first thing I tried at philosophy was a mini hope in a jar, which is what got me hooked. Skincare is one the greatest minefields for dropping money - it can take a lot of experimentation to find something awesome, and what works for some doesn't always work for everyone unfortunately. good luck with finding your perfect routine!

@anita hope you find it works out for you as well as it did for me. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts :)

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

I think my Sephora package comes in the mail this Monday :D I'll prob do a review on it after I try it out, thanks!

If you're choosing between the MUFE HD Powder and MAC's Prep & Prime, you really can't go wrong with either powder, they're both great! It's really just a matter of price and container/brush size you prefer :)xx

Becca said...

Hi hun, I nominated you for an award on my blog :) xxx


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