Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tuesday Mood Session

Moonrise view from the apartment

It's Tuesday, so time to check in on my moooood!

1. What's my mood?
Excellent. Very relaxed. As one should be after 4 days beside the pool and an extra day off work for good measure.

2. What am I wearing?
Even though I really have only left the house today to go to CVS (2 blocks away) and the park to walk the dog, I dressed myself up today. Sequinned t shirt from Topshop, tweed shorts from topshop, grey cardigan from American Apparel. I even did an FOTD which will be up later in the week. 

3. What am I obsessing over?
Blog formatting issues. Urgh. UK stuff - good! Am going home in just under a month and am very looking forward to seeing friends and family.

4. How was New Year?
Well, we dashed into the apartment at 11.50 and had drinks in hand on the patio for midnight. New Year itself was fabulous - friends, husband, warm nights, a bit too much booze.

5. What's happening this week?
A light week at work (3 days!!), drinks with a friend tomorrow night, and keeping it chill apart from that to give my wallet and liver some time to recover.

6. Go on, admit it, what did you buy last week?
Last week - a  NYX haul from Cherry Culture which I'm looking forward to swatching. The last 2hrs - eesh. Spent my drugstore.com dollars on shampoo, makeup removers and mascara, and then took advantage of an ELF offer because I really want to try them out.

7. Even after all that, are you planning on buying anything this week?
Maybe something from the MAC All Races All Ages collection, but the more I see it swatched, the less excited I get. I'm totally off clothes shopping for January, but I keep eyeing up UK companies like Topshop and ASOS for putting an order in for my Feb 1st visit. Actually, I'll have a very short window to shop as I normally go off clothes shopping for Lent as well. Eesh.

8. Random question - coffee or tea?
Coffee, but really in the form of skinny capuccinos, vanilla lattes, and anything iced. I do love a random lemon tea from our weird in office coffee machine in the morning as well, and iced tea in the summer. Yep, all over the shop.


Anonymous said...

Thats your view?? Mine consists of a building site with old and past it builders. How is that fair? lol

Have you visited Britain before? You'll love it. Just make sure its not snowing when you do come. Ugh

Tali said...

OMG is that a photo you took? Simply stunning.

I have no view. Well i do but i have such bad eyesight i cant see it!!!!

scarlettholly said...

That is the view from the apartment I was staying in. My view is into other peoples' apartments!

I am actually from the UK so very much looking forward to going home and seeing friends and family, and Topshop! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeay topshop :) yeay you're British. I feel like I should be updating you on recent news. Jonathan Ross has left the BBC, Celebrity Big Brother has started, Dane Bowers and Alex Reid (Jordan's on/off) have beef in the house, David Tennant has left Doctor Who and supports Gordon Brown as PM, some MPs tried to stage a coup but G. Brown laughed and called it silliness, we're running out of salts and grit, Jane Hill (news reader) has come out as gay, Sugababes have kicked Keisha out and that Jade girl from Eurovision has replaced her so now everyone hates them as they aren't really Sugababes anymore. I think that's all the important news covered lol


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