Monday, 25 January 2010

Woah Bobbi Brown

I went through a real Bobbi Brown stage about 18mths ago after a friend tipped me off after she went for a wedding makeover. I picked up the Best Sellers Palette which had some truly beautiful colors, a couple of lipsticks and glosses, and foundation. Unfortunately, it was the bad experience with the foundation that stopped me going back to the brand until now. I picked the Moisture Rich Foundation , but it ended up being shiny on me, and I didn't love the application of it. This is the lazy part of me, but my daily wanderings took me past a MAC store and about 3 different Sephoras, but no department stores selling Bobbi Brown, so it just kind of fell off my radar.
However, a little email popped in my inbox recently with the Tinted Eye Brightener Pen, and suddently I was all kinds of interest. I'm going to let you into a little secret: I'm 28, and it's starting to show. I've noticed dark shadows under my eyes, I'm looking tired, I can no longer stay out past midnight without suffering the next day. I started browsing the site, and wow, there is some seriously good stuff on there. And here's the real kicker for me: if you order online, you can return at any time. This is a big deal for me as I have had experiences of foundations that look amazing in store and after a few days that they are not working out for me, and I'm sure you have to. This alone makes me likely to buy Bobbi Brown.
Here's my current wishlist

Skin Foundation: I tried this in store the other day and it looks super nice
Tinted Eye Brightener Pen: Hello wide awake girl!
Lip gloses in Nectar and Popsicle: I would want these just for the names, but luckily these are gorgeous colors. The only annoying thing is that I don't like the brushes that are used, and find the bristles start to go in random directions.

Lip Crayons: Oh, my love affair with lip products in pencil form knows no bounds. This are straight to the top of my collectibles list. They seem to be more like the Lipstick Queen China Pencils in that they have a glossy finish rather than a matte one like the NARS Lip Velvet Matte.
As I'm technically in no shopping mode until the end of January, there's no chance of a haul just yet. But that does mean that you can chip in and tell me just what Bobbi Brown products are worth checking out, and what are worth le skip?

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