Saturday, 9 January 2010

Etsy Find of the Week: Maple Marshmallows

I'm on a real foods kick right now from Etsy. Whimsy & Spice are based in Brooklyn and I picked these up in Dean & Deluca and they are super yummy. Homemade marshmallows will make you never want factory made ones again. Actually, I once made marshmallows once, back in the day when I could bake. So, actually, over 10 years ago. Oh super dear. Anyways, these are way better than mine. Go forth and order these.


Sarah x said...

Nom nom nom! So wish I could have some!

Kate Gene said...

Those look delicious! My husband loves marshmallows; I may have to lurk around the Etsy site to see if I can find more! :)


scarlettholly said...

they are very good. marshmallows are my guilty pleasure!


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