Thursday, 7 January 2010

Spreading the Love Around: Brand Loyalism vs Brand Whorism

Here is one of my beauty confessions: I am incredibly brand loyal. Really. I find it hard to break out of brand habits. For example, my make up drawer is almost exclusively MAC, NARS, and Bobbi Brown, with a touch of Benefit, NYX, and Covergirl thrown in. My skin routine is currently entirely Philosophy, and for body, I swear by Kiehls Creme De Corps line. I do like Kiehsl for skin too, and I have a bunch of moisterisers and masks waiting to be tried. I hear great things about other luxury (and drugstore!) brands like Chanel and Dior, but I can never make the emotional connection. This year, though, I am going to do my best to change that and branch out

My products and brands to try out in 2010 are:

1. ELF cosmetics - the prices are so low, it's hard to know if this will be a total bust or not. I actually just placed my order as they were offering $10 worth of products free. Review coming up shortly, for sure. I picked out a bunch of brushes, a mineral eyeshadow, some lip products, and whatever the free $10 products were. Fingers crossed for a bargain gem!

2. Aveeno - everyone raves about this line, especially the Daily Brightening Scrub. It's a definite one to try out, as goodness knows I love a scrub!

3. Lush! Oh, there is so much Lush! stuff I want to try. I think that this brand might be bigger in the UK than the USA, so I'll have to be a cheerleader to raise awareness. Basically, it is natural, handmade products on a grander scale. They have a glorious range of shampoos, face masks, and also a foot mask that I am just dying to try out, with great names such as Angels on Bare Skin and Buffy. Swoon. Can't wait.

4. Anything by Chanel. Oh please, let me treat myself this year to something from Chanel. Especially something like a lipstick (Christine from Temptalia raves about their Rouge Allure line), or an eyeshadow quad.

4. Make Up Forever. I hear great things about this brand, especially the foundation, which is my dammit I have to find something that works product of the year. I have a wee teeny primer from MUFE in my cupboard that has made the cut as part of the great primer test of January 2010. Yes, more details will be coming soon.

5. Smashbox. Again, another potentially great foundation product that I've heard rave reviews about.

6. Benefit. Okay, Benefit and I are weird. I adore all the cute packaging, but have been burnt by less than stellar products about five years ago. However, the word on the street is that they are back back back, and with great products like Sugarbomb, well worth a second look.

7. Korres Skin Care. These products have always caught my eye with their gorgeous packaging. Time for me to make the leap!

8. Etsy. There are hundreds of great sellers out there making body products and makeup from scratch, and I'm dying to try out a bunch and see what can come from the handmade community. 

That doesn't mean that I am going to stop with my old favorites. MAC will probably always be my go-to for a quick fix, but by broadening my horizons I'm hoping to find some awesome new products to share with you all. Ooooh, my Sephora Beauty Insider account is going to be embarassing!

Do you think it's better to stick to one brand? What are you excited about trying out in 2010?


Lisa Kate said...

Well, I'm trying to become more loyal to the brands I like instead of trying out new ones. I feel like I kept buying crap that was not so good, that I'd rather stick to what I know and love!

scarlettholly said...

That's partly why I was was sticking to lines I knew and loved, but now I'm worried about what I'm missing out on! ;)

Lipstick Rules said...

I'm not loyal to one brand anymore -- used to be exclusively a MAC girl.

Benefit Sugarbomb is amazing. I will do a review soon. Their lippies and cream shadows are great too.

You should try YSL as well -- pricey makeup but really amazing stuff. I wish I could afford more. LOL.

Amanda said...

I sit on the fence. I'm loyal to some things, but I'm always looking for something that can do the job better for a little less money. You should put Aromaleigh eyeshadows on your list of things to try. I like them better than MAC and UD (although I love those brands too).

I LOVE Lush. Angels on Bare Skin is my HG cleanser, and their hair products are pretty amazing too.


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