Monday, 18 January 2010

Mulberry Alexa Makes My Heart Beat Very Fast

I do not normally get obsessive over bags or shoes. I have 2 bags that I alternate between, and a cute clutch for night time. One of the bags that I have is a Mulberry Bayswater, which is a British classic. The only thing I wish for in the Bayswater is a shoulder strap. So when I heard a rumor about such a creation being in the works, I knew it would hurt my bank balance. Then, I read that it was being designed in conjunction with the lovely Alexa Chung, and I started setting aside cash. And then, woah, when I saw those pictures, I knew I had to have it. Now, if only I figure out how to track one down. I'm calling my home Mulberry store as I'm back in the UK in 2 weeks: Mulberry is usually a good bit cheaper at home than in the US. Question - Oak Leather, or Tweed?

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