Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Kiehls Exchanges Your Empties for Freebies

One of the things I remember from my environmentally conscious teenagedom was that you used to be able to bring empty bottles into The Body Shop and they would get refilled and you'd also save $1 or something on your refill. Personally, I am compulsively terrible at actually finishing anyway, but in my head I do always think that my reward for actually using up a full bottle of something should be the ability to take my tub back and get some more. I don't know anywhere that actually offers this anymore, but Kiehls do have a recycling service where if you return 3 empty products, you get a free lip balm, 5 and it's a free travel sized product, and 10, and you get a free full size product worth up to $25. It did take me a year, but I have managed to do my first five and I scored an olive oil conditioner and lip balm the other day. Now I have a self-satisfied glow that doesn't just come from the amazing body scrub, but knowing I'm doing my little bit to make the world a little better.

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