Thursday, 13 May 2010

Color Club Gossip Column and Dupe

Another pick from the Color Club Rebel Debutante line. This one is a little more Rebel and a little less Debutante, but it's not totally out there wild. I really liked the richness and warmth of this blue. It did feel quite mature and grown up, rather than an in your face bright. As always, I adore cremes as well. It applied very well, with no issues. This is 2 coats.

However, I did have a little bit of deja vu, so compared it with American Apparel Peacock. Ummm, to me, they are total dupes. The American Apparel is a little more tricky to apply due to the crazy long brushes they have. The ring and index are American Apparel Peacock, and the middle and pinkie Gossip Column.

On another note, has anyone seen the new American Apparel line of polishes they are releasing soon? They look soo pretty!

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