Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Summer Lip Favorites Part 1

Summer is probably my favorite season for lip products. I just love love love the bright colors bringing to mind raspberry popsicles and orange soda. I’m a big fan of sheer, jelly style colors which are easy to wear – slick and go! For evenings, some gold shimmer can kick up a look to summer goddess. Cosmetics companies this year have really raised their game in terms of corals, golds, and bright pinks for us lucky girls to play around with. I really like a shiny, summery lip with neutral eyes. Keeping the cheeks bright in the same family can be fun, or neutral with a touch of bronzer to bring out your natural glow.

I'm going to do a couple of posts about my favorite colors. This was originally one post until I realized that I'm a summer gloss junkie and have faaar too many for just 1!!!

I'm going to work from left to right here to talk about each product.


  1. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess – a yummy jelly, thick raspberry gloss. It has a slight blue shimmer to it as well. There’s something about it which does make me feel all goddess-like. Until I realize that I’ve spilt my ice cream down my shirt.
  2. Tarte Amused Lip Stain – a jumbo pencil that moisturizes (although not quite as much as Tarte claims!!), smells deliciously pepperminty, and makes you look like you’ve spent the afternoon eating raspberry popsicles is a summer must have. If I’m running out the door and have no make-up on, this is my go-to single product. Yum yum yumminess.
  3. MAC  Lipglass in Totally It - I got this as part of the Holiday 2009 lipgloss sets. I have seen these in CCOs recently actually. This color is a shout it out gorgeous bright pink, very similar in color to Tarte's Amused Lip Stain.
  4. MAC Lipglass in Hush Hush Rose - a pretty, bright, coolish, pink with gold shimmer. It is actually quite pigmented for a gloss. I wear it alone for a pop of pretty shine. Unfortunately, it's a limited edition from this year's Spring Color Forecast. 
  5. Stila Lip Glaze in Raspberry - this is one of my oldest products!!! I've had this for years. (Wait, I shouldn't tell you that, should I? I should have tidied everything out and all that. Ooops). It's a perfect sheer summer fuchsia. It is quite sticky, but I do love the twist packaging. 
  6. Cover Girl Wet Slicks in Raspberry Splash - can you sense that I will buy ANYTHING if it has the world raspberry in the title? Really. I bought this on a total whim in Miami when all my bags were lost. It is almost clear, but it snuck in here because the packaging makes it look much more pigmented. It has a pleasant scent and a little bit of a minty kick. A cheap thrill, if you will. 
  7. MAC Lip Gelee in Lush & Bright - this is not a subtle product!!! This is more over the top shiny glittery, shimmery FUN!!! It came out in the Lily Pulitzer collection, which so should have been a summer collection, but whatever. I don't wear this super often, because the glitter in it can be a bit overkill, but it is fun. Think poolside with heels, ya know? That kind of trashy but fun.

What are your favorite summer lip colors? Are you a sucker for anything raspberry or coral?

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