Friday, 4 June 2010 Makes My Life Easier PLUS GIVEAWAY

Reviewing a grocery website on a beauty blog might not seem obvious, but I have to tell you, Alice has changed my life. Alice is a grocery website with a difference, and the differences make everything about it oh-so-special. Let me break it down for you. 

1.      The prices. Ohmigoodness, the prices. When you live in NYC, you get used to the fact that everything is expensive, but paying $5 for Pantene was just not making sense to me. Alices prices are lower than anything Ive seen in a store here, and lower than other big name online retailers like For example, my Neutrogena wipes are $5.89 on and $7.99 on

2.      The shipping. Always free, as long as you order a minimum of 6 items. But when one of your items can be something super cheap like a can of dog food, this is super easy to achieve. It usually takes 24hrs for me to receive a your Alice order has been shipped email, and 48hrs later and my big blue box is with me. 

3.      The freebies. Alice doesnt just give you free stuff every so often, shes clever about it too. So far Ive received a box of green tea bags, a decent sized Cascade Rinse tester (still going strong 5 washes later), some pet stain remover (they saw the dog food cans!), and some shampoo and conditioner.
4.      The sales. Alice frequently has gift card sales offering 15% or 30% off gift cards. Theres no reason why you cant buy those for yourself. I know I have plenty of times. I then type the gift card in, and the credit is applied to my account until it is all used up. Thats like buying $100 for $85!!!

5.      The re-order alerts. Alice keeps a record of what products you have purchased, and based on your usage and averages across other users reminds you when it might be time to reorder. No more running out of trash bags and cursing when you toss the last bag out! 
6.      The customer service. Alice has hands down some of the best customer service Ive ever had. They have live chat which actually works, and can also be contacted via email and twitter. Last month, I had the rare occasion to be upset some handwash I had ordered had spilled over my order and I was immediately offered a generous credit to my account to make up for the mistake. Furthermore, on my next order, I was emailed to follow up and make sure there had been no other accidents. Amazing.

Alice does not have the breadth of stock that some other online retailers may have, but almost every big name beauty brand is on there, with lower prices for LOreal, Aveeno, and Neutrogena than Ive seen elsewhere. Not only that, but you can score some breakfast cereal, Ziploc bags, and washing up liquid at the same time. 

Still not convinced? Well, lucky readers, I have 2 $20 value gift cards to give away to users who have never used Alice before! Just comment below for a chance to win. You must not  have an account to be able to use these cards. US residents only.


Anime10473 said...

I'm surprised no one has commented. I was expecting ALOT of responses to your post. Are you still giving away the gift card(s)? Is commenting enough or do I have to do something else?

Anyways, I'm really interested in It sounds interesting and have checked out the site. It seems honest enough but haven't signed up yet. I read there FAQ and the 6 order for Free Shipping doesn't apply to your FIRST order.

Hmm, free stuff sounds interesting to. How does that work though? Do I get it when I receive my package or what?

Also, thank you for posting this. Makes me a bit more confident that is a legit service.

Anime10473 said...

^ Oops, I did the wrong Identity option. Sigh, here is my e-mail if that helps. (click the name)

To bad I can't edit my previous post. I was going to delete it and do it again but I don't know if that would of been okay with you or not.

Virginia said...

I've heard of Alice before, but I haven't tried it. I do like, so I'm excited about the better prices with Alice. This would be great for those of us who are carless in the city. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

linuxgrl said...

Never heard of before but it sounds great! Love free shipping! Can't wait to try it out!

carolyn said...

I've been pretty happy with in the past, but I haven't tried yet. Sign me up for a gift card! :)


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