Friday, 23 April 2010

Spring Changes in My Make Up Bag

The change of seasons has definitely brought about a change in my beauty routine. I dont know about you, but with having an everyday job in a corporate office, my day-to-day make up doesnt really get any opportunities to change that much on a daily basis. I keep my experimentations to evenings and weekends. However, I thought you might be interested to know what products Im using on an every day basis to keep me looking fresh and bright all day long at work.

 (clockwise from top left: Elf Caffeinated, Elf Natural, Benefit Nice Melons)

In the winter, I default to combinations involving Satin Taupe or Woodwinked. Spring time is a chance to go a little lighter, and right now Im having real crushes on a couple of colors that wake me up each morning. These are colors that I dont need to think about and I know are going to play well with others! A couple of months ago I did a rundown of peachy-gold shadows that I love Im still working them on an every day basis. Benefits Velvet Eyeshadow in Nice Melons and ELFs Mineral Shadow in
are both default morning looks. I quite often use Nice Melons on its own. Elf
s Natural is either on its own, or with ELF Mineral Shadow in Caffeinated, which is a cool, shimmery brown taupe. I use it very lightly to darken my crease. I also love MACs Spring Color Forecast Quad in the Gold colors Flip can either be combined with either of the other two colors and highlighted with Manila for an easy, no-brainer look. Lets face it, weekday morning make up is all about being able to do while half asleep!

Elf HD Powder

Since changing up my skin routine with the Clarisonic, Ive stopped using foundation, and instead mix up my own tinted moisturizer. This means Im also not using primer, which, although I do not feel like I need, upsets me as I have about 4 primer samples in a drawer to test! But Im not using any other moisturizer during the day apart from my tinted, so primer doesnt really have a good place in my routine at the moment. I'll test it out on nights on the town (do people still say that? Or just my parents?) Im not noticing any major lasting problems with my moisturizer, so its not a big deal. I use ELFs High Definition Powder on a daily basis. It works well enough, I do not have any major problems with it, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there is something better out there. Comments please?!?

 Clockwise from top left - MAC Ripe Peach, Benefit Sugarbomb, MAC Shell Pink

I have a rotating cast of spring blushes that I feel comfortable with throwing on in the morning and not making a mess off. Benefit Sugarbomb is gorgeous and instantly flattering. MACs Shell Pink form Liberty of London is a pretty pink with gold shimmer which is subtle enough to be easy to use. MACs Ripe Peach is so pretty and springlike that its hard not to use it every day. Its a gorgeous peachy pink that can be blended to run more peach or pink depending on your taste.

L-R: MAC Creme Cup, NARS Dolce Vita, MAC Warm Me Up, NYX Tea Rose

I'm very much in a nude pink place these days for my lips, and each morning I find myself reaching for either MAC Creme Cup or Warm Me Up (a touch more on the brown side), NARS Dolce Vita, or NYX Tea Rose.

Has your make up basics changed up with the spring weather? Do you have any suggestions for make up must haves for the warmer weather?


Catanya said...

I love the coral, peachy, natural look!! Perfect from springtime!

PoorCollegeStudent said...

I love nude lips! I just bought my first elf order a few days ago and the fed ex tracker has said it hasn't even been picked up yet and it's been 3 days. I heard slow shipping is typical for them. Ah I'm impatient! Was this true for you?

scarlettholly said...

I've actually had really fast shipping from Elf normally. That's annoying that it is slow for you. What did you order?

Corals are making me so happy this spring! :)


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