Friday, 2 April 2010

My Lips But Better?

One of the lipsticks that gets raved about a lot in the blogosphere is NARS Dolce Vita, and so my lovely husband got me a tube of it for Christmas. It looked gorgeous in the tube, and I was excited to put it on. But when I did, well, I didn't really notice any difference. It seems like my lips are exactly the same color. What's weird is that I haven't even bothered to try and return this color, and continue to put it on anyway, knowing it makes no difference apart from adding a very slight gloss, which is the same as using balm. I'm a strange girl...

Anyway, can you tell the difference in the two pictures? And do you have a lipstick that is exactly the same color as your lips?

bare lips

nars dolce vita lips

lipstick in question

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