Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Day 1 of the Detox Cleanse: Pain...

I did decide to go for the Liquiteria juice cleanse, based on the Blueprint Cleanse system, AKA Blueprint on the Cheap.

The juices I used consisted of:
1 All Greens With Apple
1 Grasshopper
1 All Green
1 Killer
1 Beets Me
A glass of almond milk

Total damage: $48

I started the day off with 24 oz of warm water with a couple of slices of lemon. I used to drink this all the time so it was not exactly a shock to the system. I started it at work and finished up about 10am. Then I cracked open the All Greens with Apple with much trepidation as I had never drunk a green juice. I took a very little sip and, wow, not so bad at all! Very apple-y, and actually quite sweet. I thought to myself, this is going to be pretty easy. It did take me a whole hour to get the bottle down though. Not quite so easy.

Another glass of water to get the taste of sweet greenery out of my mouth, and onto the Grasshopper, which has pineapple, apple, mint, and a shot of wheatgrass in there. Got all excited about the pineapple and mint, and you couldnt' taste them. Instead, it tasted pretty much exactly the same as the first drink, which made it pretty hard to choke down. The mouth likes variety, you know? It took me 2.5hrs of nursing my drink to finally drink the whole thing. In that time I went to Bryant Park for some fresh air during my "lunch" break, only to find myself fantasizing about what I can eat on Sunday. Am pretty sure that food fantasies are not what detoxes are all about...

By 3.30 I have a faint headache, and issues concentrating. I always have issues concentrating at this time, so I'm not sure it's juice related. I am however hungry. I start on the next All Greens, which does not have apple. Bllluuuurrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohmigod this is so bad. I manage to struggle half a bottle down. I am never buying this again. No way.

At 6pm, I am very hungry and craving crispy textures. I open my next bottle which is a Killer XX. Ooooh ginger!!! Wow. This is super gingery. I have a hard time getting half a bottle down. I sat and watch tv with my husband and point out every single food ad and get upset about the fact that the main storyline in Community was based around chicken fingers. Mmmmm, chicken fingers. Also, form the lack of chewing and the overabundance of green juice going down my throat, my mouth tasted like gack.

The juice highlight of day one was the glass of almond milk I had before bed. Went to bed early mostly from boredom and hunger rather than tiredness. Have survived day 1.

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