Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Day 2 of the Detox Cleanse

I woke up feeling pretty good, not hungry as I imagined. I headed down to Liquiteria to get the next 2 days of juice. From my poor performance on Day 1 I knew I didn't need to get all 5 juices for each day, and at all costs to avoid the All Greens straight up.

I puchased:

2x All Greens With Apple
2x Grasshopper
1x Killer
1x Beets Me

For breakfast I had the half bottle of All Greens after my hot water and lemon. It was slightly better than yesterday, mainly because I knew there was only half of it. My Grasshopper went down okay as well, and before you knew it I was onto another All Greens and Apple. Day 2 was bright with energy, and I was conscious of wanting food textures, but not actually hungry. I managed to get down most of my drinks (okay, I skipped the Beets Me), without cheating or having any food. I went to bed feeling pleasant, and got an excellent night's sleep.

1 comment:

Pinch said...

Oh, you poor thing! I can't help but feel sorry for you for only being on liquid foods.. Your level of self control is amazing!


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