Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sponsored Giveaway!! Gillette Venus Get Ready For Summer

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to ask fashion and beauty expert Rebekah George a couple of questions about the upcoming summer season, thanks to the kind people at Gillette. I was so impressed with her beauty tips, especially her favorite beauty icon.

1. What's your favorite summer make up trend this year?

I love how color is back in a big way from turquoise nails to peachy lips and coral cheeks. It's a definite departure from the usual bronzey tones we've been seeing the past few summers. If you don't think you can pull off color or if you want a subtle look, you can get away with wearing small doses of colors like a light peach lip or a soft blue tone on your toes and a more natural nude on your fingernails.

2. If you were to buy one item of summer clothing this year, what would it be?

Does it have to be only one?

Ha, there are so many great pieces this year! I just bought Trina Turk's Bonita dress. I love dresses in summer (well, all year round, actually) because they are so easy. But, this dress is especially versatile - I can dress it up with heels for a TV segment or wear it with flip flops as a cover-up for the beach.

3. What's your top tip for looking cool in the summer heat?

Aside from staying in the AC, I say keep your hair off your face. Try a lose side pony or an easy, natural twist. If you have shorter hair, go for a headband or use a barrette to clip back your bangs. By keeping your hair off your face and neck, you'll instantly stay cool. Plus, the oils from your hair won't seep onto your makeup and cause it to run and smear. On top of that, summer hair should look effortless and not like you spent hours getting it blown out at a salon.

4. Who are your  favorite beauty icons?

I have a few, but Catherine Walsh, an executive at Coty is one of them. She always wears red lipstick and she pulls it off beautifully. So why does this make her an icon? If you find what beauty style works for you, go for it and wear it with confidence. Finding a look that becomes your "signature style" also makes a statement that you are comfortable in the skin you're in.

5. What fashion / beauty item can you not leave home without?

I'm on the go so much with my job, so I am very into products that are transitional and go with any look. I am really into Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Rootbeer because it's so moisturizing and keeps my lips hydrated after flying and it's color is really soft and natural and goes with anything I wear. I'm also loving my new Cole Haan Maria Sharapova Air Renfrow OT Sling because they are so cute, go with everything from a TV dress to a pair of cargos and are beyond comfortable - so I can literally run in heels! If you do wear a dress, don’t forget to shave with a five-bladed razor like Venus Embrace so you have touchably smooth skin all night long.

That's not all the fun - you can join in on the beauty fun and win prizes!!! Gilette have kindly provided a set of 4 products to complete a summer shaving prize that's just the right time to prepare to bare those legs!!

The prizes are:

  • Venus Embrace Disposables – The first and only five-bladed disposable razor for women and the most technologically advanced disposable on the market
  • Venus Embrace Pink – Venus’ most technologically advanced five-bladed refillable razor with a Protective Ribbon of Moisture and pivoting head, now available in pink 
  • Satin Care In-Shower Moisturizer – Satin Care’s first ever In-Shower Moisturizer helps lock in moisture for up to 24 hours after five days of use and eliminates the need for a moisturizer out of the shower
  • Reformulated Satin Care Shave Gel – Reformulated Satin Care shave gels deliver up to 35% more glide than before. 

All you have to do to win is comment below on this post with your favorite summer beauty tip. For a second chance at winning, follow me on Twitter and tweet the following:

Follow @scarlettholly and RT to win prizes from Gillette Venus

Good luck everyone and I can't wait to read your summer tips!!!!!

Competition will close on May 15th.


Anonymous said...

My summer tip is to keep makeup remover wipes with you when you go to the beach, it's a refreshing ways to clean your skin after playing in the waves, it also revives tired sun exposed skin.

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

I tweeted also:

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

Gaby said...

Hello! My favorite summer beauty tip would be to apply sunscreen, of course! I like face creams, eye creams and lip balms/glosses with SPF (=

Gaby said...

Oh and I follow you on Twitter and I tweeted! My username is @GabyFauchon

Musicalhouses said...

I'm a follower! My favourite summer tip is SUNSCREEN! The best way to look young is prevention! It's more effective than any wrinkle cream!

musicalhouses at hotmail dot com

PoorCollegeStudent said...

my favorite tip is to wear sunscreen that contains anti-oxidants to protect skin from free radical damage and there is scientific research that suggests that it also protects skin from sun damage. Also, make sure your sunscreen contains titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or avobenzone to protect skin from UVA rays, the ones that age you; the spf only refers to UVB rays. Try not to go above spf 50; after that number the sun protection does not increase by much and putting too many active ingredients on your skin can cause free radical damage.

fender_x_bender at yahoo dot com


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