Thursday, 29 April 2010

Day 3 of the Detox: Easing into Real Life

I have to admit that I did not complete the cleanse. Instead, I started snacking on fruit at about 4pm. This was because it was a Saturday and I did not want to spend all Sunday being sick when I ate real food with friends. Turns out I shouldn't have worried.

By Day 3 I was actually super enjoying my All Greens with Apple, my Grasshopper, and my Killer. I know, it takes to Day 3 for me to become healthy-craving, green freak. By late afternoon, I didn't even really feel like eating that much. I had lots of energy and wasn't hungry at all, even after a hearty morning of cleaning the apartment and taking the puppy for a long walk.

One of my biggest concerns was feeling ill when I started eating again. That also didn't happen. I had some chips on Saturday afternoon, and a lot of fruit, with no side affects. On Sunday I started the day with a bagel with cream cheese and a poached egg, and again no aches or pains. I have noticed since then that I am noticeably less hungry in general, that I don't have diet coke cravings any more (although I had one lunch today, but I'm going to skip tomorrow). I do have more of a taste for vegetables and green things now, but I'm not off chocolate or peanut butter m&ms. I still haven't had any red meat, but only by lack of planning rather than virtuousness.

So, is a cleanse worth it? Well, I didn't lose any weight, but I did gain a lot of energy. Mostly I felt strong about my will power and the goodness of what I was putting into my body. I sort of enjoyed it while I was cleansing, but mostly because of the novelty factor, rather than the positive side effects. I'll be interested in seeing how I am doing in a month's time and whether I've really kicked the diet coke for good and whether I'm still snacking on salad. We shall have to wait and see.

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