Friday, 12 February 2010

Some Random Witterings About Winter and Summer

A couple of real random thoughts going through my head at the moment. Whilst on vacation I basically completely ignored my skin. I think I washed my face twice, and didn’t even use moisturizer. The texture definitely became a little rougher (gosh, that sounds like sandpaper), but there were no visible signs of trouble. Since getting back I’ve gone back to my usual cleanser and moisturizer, but also added Origins Mimosa Moisterizer, which is supposed to literally roll back time as it stimulates collagen production. This morning I’ve woken up to a couple of red bumps. I haven’t decided yet if they are the result of the change in skin cream or a hangover from being so lazy the week before!

In a recent post I talked about whether you replace products which are only quite good when they are full, or whether you diligently use them up? I’m  a mix, but if a mascara doesn’t make the cut, I toss it immediately. I’ve been testing Maybelline’s Colossal for the last couple of weeks. At first I liked it a lot – it definitely gave my eyelashes good amounts of curl and volume. However, using a product during the working day is really my test of durability, and over the last two days this product has been one big fail. By 3pm I have little flakes and a dark smudge under my eyes. Not a good look. Onto my next one.

Right when I’m struggling to take in the amazingness of all the MAC Spring Color Forecast collection, when I read about one of the MAC Summer Collections, which is beach themed. Oooh, the packaging is so cute (I always feel bad depotting the special edition eyeshadows), and anything to do with beach is going to make me so so happy. Last summer I didn’t make it to the beach once due to crazy wedding activities, so this summer I’ve already got 10 days on Cape Cod with my family planned, and I’m working on booking a couple of other weekends away. This collection is just right for getting me in the mood for that. May cannot come quick enough!

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