Thursday, 11 February 2010

Neutral Pink With Turquoise EOTD Using MAC Mystic Cool Palette

Another look from my MAC Holiday Palette series. I appreciate these are a little behind the times, but remember that I’m all about rediscovering hidden gems in my stash as well as splurging on the latest must haves (hello Spring Color Forecast!). Maybe I’ll help you take a look at your palettes or other forgotten colors as well.

This look was done using the Mystic Cool Palette. Out of all the palettes that were released as part of Holiday 2009, this is definitely the odd-ball and hardest to work with. Individually, the colors are beautiful, and reasonably good quality (what is it about palettes that they never seem to be the same standard as regular pans?), but they just don’t seem to gel together in an obvious way compared to the other palettes. I wore this look to dinner with a friend, and really enjoyed wearing it. I love a shock of turquoise wherever I can get it.

Base: Paint Pot in Bare Canvas followed by NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Inner Lid: Pale Pink
Outer Lid: Frosty Pink
Crease: Brown
Brown Bone and Tear Duct: Shimmery gold highlight
Lower Lash Line: Turquoise shade

I wish I could advise on some good dupes for this set. The dark blue is probably MAC’s Contrast, and the turquoise looks like Urban Decay’s Flipside. The brown I am sure is easily dupable, I am just drawing a blank at the moment. However, the two pinks right now seem undupable to me, unless anyone else has any suggestions?


Carrsky said...

This is really pretty! xoxo

LauraSummer said...

i have that palette too! I wore all the colours together on christmas day, it was quite similar to your look :) i can't find a dupe for violet vow either, it's such a gorgeous sheer lilac/pink. I use the darker vp pink one in place of cranberry a lot for a softer look, they're not the same at all but same colour family i think x

scarlettholly said...

oooh, that is such a great idea. I'll have to try that sometime. I have to admit, I don't use my cranberry often enough. sigh.


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