Monday, 22 February 2010

Glittery Gorgeousness from Urban Decay

Stila aren’t the only people to get into the glittery eye shadow trend this spring: Urban Decay have also brought out a brand new line of sparklers called Stardust Eye Shadow. They come in some new, rubberized packaging that requires you to squeeze the sides to get them to open up which is pretty cool. Although maybe it means that the top pops off spraying glitter everywhere… Hmm, I have only played with these in store so far – I haven’t had a chance to bring one of these bad boys home yet.

My first impression from the very eager swatching I did in Sephora the other day is that these colors are very sheer, and they are very sparkly. I actually really like the sheerness – it almost lends a glossy look with all that sparkly shining through, although some may wish that the colors packed more punch. As I have only swatched so far, I do not know whether these colors are buildable. I did like how smooth they applied though – no chunky grittiness here.  I was also very impressed with the level of sparkle – these guys aren’t messing around! With that level of shine, fall out might become an issue, but Urban Decay promises that there will be none - big words there! 

They come in 9 colors, including black, white, gray, beige, turquoise and green. I definitely think that adding one or two to your summer look adds some serious fun to your look. I’m thinking the turquoise blue paired with a coral or raspberry gloss and a big smile screams summer. What about you?

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Makeup by Kim Porter said...

Are you going to post pictures of the swatches? I'd like to see that.

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