Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Apply Thyself: Or How I Discovered the Joy of Airbrushed Skin

A couple of weeks ago I did a major ELF haul and bought a number of items, including brushes. I noted at the time that I was pleased with the Studio Line of brushes, and thought that they were beyond excellent value at $3 a piece. I hadn't really had a chance to use the Powder Brush as much as I would have liked, and haven't gotten around to it until this week. Instead of taking home tried and true products, I actually took home a whole bunch of things I hadn't used or tried to test them all out, including this brush.

Powder Brush

The brush has a large, flat top, and although it's not got skunk bristles, the shape reminded me of the MAC 187, which I haven't tried, so cannot compare to. Anyway, that got me thinking that this brush might work for liquid foundation. I tried it my MAC Studio Sculpt, which I quite like but find it can go on a little heavy or cakey. I used the brush damp, and put a teeny pea sized amount on my face, and used the brush in circular motions to buff out the color. Wow. I got this amazing, smooth, buffed, coverage, light but effective. Really, the best that I've had from this foundation. I was so amazed and impressed. The brush did give up a few bristles, but nothing serious so far. It does seem to "grab" foundation, so I do think that I am having to use more, and it's ending up on my brush instead of on my face, but it's worth it for the amazing finish. Plus, the finish lasts for a long time. Today, one of my co-workers today said I looked really pretty - I'm putting it down to the gorgeous finish this gives.

Two lessons learned here: experiment with your kit beyond what the label says (maybe not with things that say don't put near eyes!), and products can be rescued with good tools.

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AzZy AzZ said...

Wow i should try this brush myself too =]
i hear a lot of the elf brushes have been getting better and better=]

and thanks for the comment=D

Bea said...

I am sooo gonna try Elf powder brush. Im hearing lots of good reviews about this brush. :)

btw, thank you fo following and visiting! appreciate. kisses. :)

Princesa Livia said...

Hey hun, I tagged you :)

Wow, this brush sounds really nice. Is it soft as well?.



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