Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Controversial Post: I Don't Like Mint Nail Varnish

Top to bottom: China Glaze Refresh Mint, Essie Mint Candy Apple, China Glaze For Audrey

There, I said it. I've been thinking it a while. At first, I succombed the the trend, oohing and ahhing over Essie's Mint Candy Apple. Then, in the excitement of China's Up & Away Collection, Refresh Mint was standing out as a fun shade. But somehow, in the transition to swooning over swatches on All Laquered Up and actually wearing them on my fingers, something happened, and it looked like I was wearing colored white-out on my nails. Instead of exciting and different, it looked tacky and childish. And so I'm stopping. No more mint for me. Oh, I swatched China Glaze For Audrey with the other two, but have decided it's more a cool blue, rather than a mint green. I can keep.

For those who still are on the mint green trend, For Audrey is as close to a Tiffany blue as I have found, and not really a mint. Mint Candy Apple is a cool, blue toned mint. I've worn this one before and it was a complete pain to apply - streaky, uneven, urgh. China Glaze Refresh Mint is more of a green-toned mint. Again, not easy to apply.

What about you? Are there any color trends that you have hopped on board before realizing that you absolutely hate them?


Kiradris said...

The only nail trend I truly can't stand (no offense to those who rock it) are tacky acrylics. They just scream strip mall tacky nail shop to me.

Mz. More said...

I agree with the the poster above, Acrylics. I let that go years ago and never looked back. They also destroy your natural nails.

Other than that i will try any nail trend as long as it's the right place to wear it. My job environment is pretty laid back so I never have to worry too much. If you like the blue/green but not too minty, you should try Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money. I have swatches on my blog, it's gorgeous! :)

Lisa Kate said...

Yes, yes, I agree with you *thoughtful face*. I don't think that mint nails look good on most people. The only one I've actually tried is For Audrey (which I guess isn't really mint, but whatever) but I'm basically computer paper white, so its not horrible on me. I think its one trend that people need to be more careful with!

Catanya said...

Great comparison and great blog. I'm following you now!

scarlettholly said...

thanks for the feedback. Oh, I would never touch acrylic nails thank you very much! I'm not super into 3D nail art for myself, but on other people it looks cool.


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