Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Pan Time!

Why do we get so excited about hitting pan? For me, it’s almost a proof that I was right, that it was a great product, and that I have stuck with something to the end. Weird, no? But we all feel it. Plus there’s that other element which is that it’s an excuse to go shopping, of course. I’ve been working away at a couple of products for the last couple of months that I’ve finished up (or are close to) in the last couple of months.

1.       Elf Studio Brow Kit – I’ve hit pan on the wax side, but the powder looks like it is going to be good for YEARS to come. This product can go on a little blotchy and uneven, but once you even it out with a wispy brow brush (I use an only mascara wand), then it’s actually really nice. I’ll keep using the brow powder but with some clear brow gel I have lying around.

2.       MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation – I got this in June of 2009, and I must have had a tan at the time, because it always felt a shade too dark. It also feels incredibly heavy. I got a nice finish out of it when I used it with a large, kabuki style brush spritzed with a lot of MAC Fix +, but even then I felt I was getting too much coverage. I then started mixing it with Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer, which ended up being an amazing tinted moisturizer – a hint of color, a little bit of hydration while still feeling light. It did take me a whole year to finish the tube though, which drove me crazy. I have a bottle of Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich foundation which I also don’t love, so I’ll start mixing that with my Kiehls until I really need to get something with more coverage, in which case I’ll probably try NARS Sheer Glow or Bobbi Brown Skin. I don’t have perfect skin, but I don’t like my foundation to be too heavy. It just doesn’t wear well on me.

3.       MAC Paint in Bare Canvas. MAC Paints come in a tube form, and act similar to Paint Pots in that they are pigmented creams. This product was recommended to me by a MAC MUA as an eye shadow primer. I am so surprised that they are not more popular, because it works so well. Eyeshadows don’t budge at all when I use this, but colors remain blendable when they are applied. I have a hard time blending colors sometimes when I’m using Urban Decay Primer Potion. When I first got this, about a year ago, I wasted a lot of product because the tube form is not so easy to control, but once I’d used it a couple of times I got it figured out (be very gentle!), and fell in love. However, I’m not going to be replacing it any time soon, mostly because I have about 85 mini UDPPs lying around from the various Box of Shadows, so I want to use those up first. I also have an ELF Shadow Primer which is surprisingly effective, especially given the $1 price tag. Based on the number of primers I have in my dupes drawer, I won’t be buying any replacements for at least a year.

4.       NARS Orgasm Cream Blush – This is part of a duo with Laguna cream bronzer. I find the bronzer quite dark on me, but the blush is amazing, and completely lives up to its reputation. I’ve had this for about 18mths before I got to this stage, and for a good 9mths of that, it was literally the only blush I owned! Shocking, I know. Now I have about 6 or 7, including at least one other NARS one. Anyway, I still use this at least once a week, if not more, because it’s just a classic, flattering, easy color to wear. Although I’ve hit pan on this, I am sure I’ve got a good while to go yet before I’m actually all out. Then I’ll have to decide whether I want it in cream or powder form. Decisions!

At this point I feel like I should also confess that I’ve never, ever finished a lipgloss or lipstick. I’ve lost plenty over the years, but finished? None. And although I’ve been wearing a couple of shades again and again this summer (Hello Ever Hip by MAC, Perennially High Style again by MAC, and Tarte Raspberry Lip Stain), I’m months, if not years, away from finishing anything.

Have you finished up anything recently? Any products you think you might?


Anonymous said...

ive never hit pan on anything in my life but i am trying project pan out and im failing =.=' It's not that i dont like re-using the products, i just get bored way too easily. I'll be happy when i finally hit pan on something =).

Gaby said...

Congrats! Hitting pan on a makeup item always take such a long time!

Steph said...

Those MAC paints remind me of when I first started using makeup. One of the makeup artists recommended them for bases as well and I remember them working really well, like you said! Very overlooked.

Fiona M said...

i know, it really takes forever! I'm thinking I'm going to have to do a blog sale soon to tidy out my drawers.

Anonymous said...

I've also never finshed a lipstick or lipgloss....must be an

Jeweled Thumb said...

Well done!

Pinch said...

Glad to hear you like Paints! I've been meaning to try them for ages, just never got around to it :) I know the feeling, I find it so exciting to hit pan and finish something! I've almost finished Blanc Type eyeshadow, which I've worn every day almost, for over a year, plus Moisturecover Concealer and also Studio Sculpt. Almost time to go shopping again! ;)


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