Thursday, 5 August 2010

MAC Dare To Wear Haul

I have not been this excited about a MAC collection since To The Beach, and that was two months ago! Sorry, but In The Groove just left me feeling meh. After much perusing of online swatches and reviews, I finally headed to the MAC store over the weekend. I decided not to pick up any permanent colors, instead leaving those on my incredibly long "to purchase" list, and focused only on the limited editions. It may have been the blue, blue sky, or the slightly cooler weather, but I found myself drawn to the blues in the collection, and ended up with Zingy, Sky Blue, Aqua, and Going Bananas.

L-R Zingy, Aqua, Sky Blue, Going Bananas

Zingy is a matte bright blue. It's a gorgeous color in the pan. When I got it home, it swatched HORRIBLY. Patchy and hard work.

Aqua is the most delicious, pretty, matte aqua. If Essie Mint Candy Apple came in eye shadow format, this would be it. The one I swatched in store came up fine, so why when I came home did it barely show up at all??? Matte shadows can be a pain to swatch only to play nice on the eyes, so I'm going to try a look with this this weekend. If it sucks, it's going back.

Sky Blue is a cool, sky blue frost eye shadow. Where frost eye shadows usually are the bold, badly behaved children in the crowd, Sky Blue is a pretty, breath of fresh air. I want to dab this on the corner of my eyes or lash line to brighten up my look. Like a cool, blast of AC on a humid day.

Going Bananas is BRIIIGHT!!! It's a frosty bright, straight yellow. It is ever so slightly cool toned. This is a knock your socks off in your face shimmery, frosty bright. Can't wait to figure out how to play around with it.

I was sorely tempted by Free To Be and Louder Please, but Louder Please just didn't look far enough away from Passionate for me to be able to justify it.

All in all, while the colors in this collection are gorgeously amazing, I'm a little disappointed by the quality, and it looks like I might be returned a couple, which is sad, sad. The only consolation is that it's 3 weeks until Fabulous Felines!!!!!

Zingy, Aqua

Sky Blue, Going Bananas


Jeweled Thumb said...

Ick. None of those look particularly great to me. MAC should really reformulate their matte shadows!

Beth. said...

Shame about the two matte ones :( They look soo gorgeous in the pan !
- Beth x said...

The colors look nice in the pan; however, the color pay-off doesn't look well.

PoorCollegeStudent said...

I wish they were smoother and more pigmented! I miss Matte2!

scarlettholly said...

ugh, I know!! the colors are so pretty in the pan, but such a let down in real life.

Abby Q. said...

Lovely swatches!! I agree the shadows could have better payoff. :( Aqua has decent pay off, although mine has had a bit of use so maybe if you get past the first couple layers it will be better for you!

Pinch said...

They look so gorgeous in the pan! I hope they worked better on your lids :) I'm looking forward to Fabulous Felines too! Are you tempted by those liquid liners? :)

scarlettholly said...

the liquid liners, the quads, EVERYTHING! I'm on vacation when it comes out, but am ordering everything online for sure. :)


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