Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Urban Decay Smoky Eye Look

I recently dismantled my Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette so that all my shadows are in palettes and easy to find. I am sure that some beauty bloggers would have literally cried as I shamelessly tore apart the gorgeous packaging. Honestly though, it was a shame that those colors were not getting the true love that they deserved.

When Urban Decay shadows are good, they are very, very good. And when they are bad they are glittery. This look had a bit of both. The Alice in Wonderland palette has a surprising array of neutral colors, and I wanted to put something together that would be great for summer time glam. You know - late nights, cocktails on the roof deck, golden smoky. One of the shadows I was most excited about was Maui Wowie (Wonderland in Alice), which is a dirty gold. It looked so pretty and versatile in the pan, but ended up being a horrible glittery, fall-out mess. Honestly, I did clean up before I took these pictures, but even then there was still glitter everywhere. Such a shame. The rest of the shadows were beautiful to use - soft, rich, easy to blend. Mushroom is a particular favorite, although I already have it from the Book of Shadows Vol II. It's the perfect transition shade between brown and gray. I probably could have defined the crease more and gone a bit more over the top.

All products Urban Decay unless otherwise stated.

Base: MAC Paint in Bare Canvas
Inner Lid: Maui Wowie
Middle and Outer Lid: Mushroom
Outer Lid and Crease: Baked
Crease: Oil Slick
Highlight: Vanilla
Waterline: El Dorado
Lower Line: Stash
Mascara: Maybelline Full and Soft

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