Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Current Favorites

Maybe its because my drawer is filled with lipsticks that have been used just once or twice. Or maybe its because I have 2 unopened bronzers waiting to be tried. Either way, Ive been feeling overwhelmed and a little bit disgusted by the thought of new products at the moment. Dont get me wrong if I could get a Hipness blush from the recent MAC To The Beach launch, Id be thrilled, and if someone dropped a bunch of the new Bobbi Brown Lip Shines on my desk, Id swoon, but the chances of me right now heading into Sephora and actually dropping a bunch of hard-earned dough on new colors isnt very likely. Im sure every beauty blogger goes through a phase of not needing or loving or any new products. Im also pretty sure it wont last long, and in a week Ill be back to trying the latest must-have. 

No purchases does not mean no make-up though. Ive been using the following products and loving them, so I thought I should share them with you. 

1.      Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Birthday Suit. Ive been wearing this almost every day now for weeks. Perfect neutral color, glides on a like a dream, has a pretty shimmer suitable for summer. So good that Ive been wearing this on weekends as well, even though its part of my work make up stash. It really is that good. 

2.      Korres Lip Butter in #22 Rose. This is the most beautiful spring or summer pink. It has pretty rose pink color, a slight gold shimmer, and a glossy finish. It wears like dream feeling rich and luscious on my lips. It really feels as good as it looks. Yum. 

3.      MAC To The Beach Cream Bronzer in To The Beach.  This is the first cream bronzer that I have tried that has a light, silky, sheer texture, all of which make it a dream to blend and perfect for providing a subtle summer glow. It has a gold shimmer finish, so I only wear this on weekends or evenings. It is not too far from my skin tone, so just had a hint of a glow. I love how sheer the product is and how easy it is to apply. I often find that with cream products the consistency is too thick to blend easily, but these are a dream to work with. I dab them on with my Elf Cream Brush (check name) and go! 

4.      MAC Powerpoint in Industry. No one ever talks about how great grey eyeliner is. This is a travesty. Grey eyeliner is amazing for providing a subtle touch of definition. I got Industry this time last year, and every couple of months go through a period of wearing it every day, and this is one of those periods. I love how soft and creamy the pencil is, and that there is no shimmer whatsoever. This is a solid I cant believe I dont have this in my collection product. 

5.      Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I blogger about how Im a recent convert to this, and I use it absolutely every day. I love the color, the finish, how easy it is to use, that I get a good amount of product. To be honest, there is pretty much nothing I dont love about this bronzer. It makes me look alive every day, and for that I thank it. 

What are the products that you keep going back to after the excitement of the brand new has faded?


Lipstick Rules said...

Great list! I need to try a grey liner and also Hoola!

PoorCollegeStudent said...

I love Hoola and I have a discontinued color of the creaseless cream called my date's my brother which I love. I wish I could say I haven't spent much but I just got a bunch of clothes when I went outlet shopping, so I feel all guilty now lol.

Kimberly said...

There's this Styli-style lip liner in nude that is perfect for me. This is obviously discontinued (boo!) as I can't find it anymore. But it wears all day and it's really close to my own lip color. I can use it all over my lips to just enhance the color. Now I only use it to line because I don't want to use it up!

Marie said...

I like Hoola too.:D

I will always stay in love with my MAC Patina eyeshadow.:D
...and everything girly under the sun!


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