Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Make Up Forever HD Blushes

Make Up For Ever is the kind of brand that inspires real devotion from its fans in the same way that MAC does. I have to admit to not knowing as much about the brand as I would like. They have a reputation for professional quality products with incredible color pay-off. I do find that the price point is a little high for me to experiment with trying things out, and I find the numbering system confusing. I know that names can be cliched (how many espresso, almond, vanilla shadows do you have in your collection? Enough for several frappuccinos I'm sure!), but at least they are memorable.

With that said, I was excited to try out the new HD blushes as they seemed to be a half-way point between a cream blush and a more liquid tint. They come in a pump bottle much like foundation, and there are a range of 14 shades. Each one is completely matte, which in my books is a big thumbs up. I know you all must think I'm a freak for liking matte products so much, but in my eyes, if I want shimmer, I can always add that later with highlighter, and matte is just so chic.

I chose two shades - #3 Truth or Dare which is a bright pink, and #5 Nip Slip, which is a neutral pink. Both the colors were fantastic for me. Nip Slip (so rude!!) is a fabulous, every day touch of color pink that goes perfectly with my skin tone for adding a touch of color and contour. Truth or Dare is a bright pink that definitely shouts for attention - for those days that you want your blush to be the talking point and you're going natural with everything else. I also see it working with darker toned girls.

L-R #5 Nip Slip, #3Truth or Dare

 As I mentioned earlier, it comes in a pump action container. This, in theory, would be awesome for hygiene purposes. In reality it is pretty bad. The pump dispenses too much color (especially with a bright color like Truth or Dare), and I end up having to put the excess pumped out in a tiny tub, and then I'll have to use that over the next couple of days to stop it drying out. Otherwise, I'll end up with 1/5 of the container on my face and 4/5 wiped on a tissue and thrown in the trash. It is really poorly executed idea.

The product itself is amazing. Easy to blend, great color, long staying power, buildable. I wore it on a really hot day and it stayed put well, but never became shiny. Really, really fabulous, and well worth the money. If only the container could do such an amazing product justice.

 FOTD using Nip Slip

 FOTD using Truth or Dare

I honestly have a feeling that MUFE will realise that the pump action, while great in theory, needs to adjustment to be great in practice, so maybe I will buy this product again. The rest of the color line looks fabulous that it's all I can do to stop myself checking out the peach shades.


Cindy (Prime Beauty said...

If you liked Nip slip you should try Quickie (coral), Walk of Shame (neutral soft pink), and Star Struck (pale peach). And I totally agree on the pump--wastes way too product!

paranoidqueen said...

you should only pump out a dot, when i was testing it out with the makeup artist, she only used an amount the quarter of a jellybean (sorry for the lousy description, i can't think of a better one), went onto both cheeks pretty well. Just gotta go easy on the pump.


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