Thursday, 3 June 2010

Nails of the Week: Wet N Wild Craze

Wet N Wild is not a brand I'm super familiar with to say the least. I've only bought a couple of nail varnishes from them. The first that I tried out was the black, which was uh-mazing. Seriously, why were there no black polishes this good when I was growing up? Not that I was a teenage goth, but I sure would have appreciated the option. This was the second. It's apparently from a new, limited edition line, and was pricey for Wet N Wild - $1.99!! It's a gold shimmer with silver and the odd copper sparkle. This is 2 coats, and it would probably go completely opaque in 3. The brush is lovely and wide, so it was super easy to put on. I like this for summer a lot - it's just a nice, simple idea well executed.


Jeweled Thumb said...

I love the Craze line! Actually, only some of the line is LE - the smaller bottles (I think they are .2oz), the normal "Craze" line is regular line. =)

In Her Makeup Bag said...

I love this color. I wore it a ton when I first got it!

PoorCollegeStudent said...

I love wet 'n wild, you should check out the rest of their line!


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