Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Origins Starting Over Has Not Even Started Once

A couple of weeks ago, I decided I would randomly expand my brand horizons, and I dropped into the Origins store (this is right next to the MAC store, 4 blocks from Sephora, and an Aveda is across the street – did I ever say that I live in retail heaven!?!). I’d been thinking for the last couple of weeks that I would change up what I use at nights, after reading so much about how important sleep is for skin and the body in general, as this is the time that the body goes into recover and restore mode. I had been using the same moisturizer for both day and night (Philosophy Hope in a Jar – no complaints at all), but thought that given I’m the grand old age of 28. I really need to kick the aging prevention into action.

Origins have just launched a new age correcting moisturizer called Starting Over ($45 / 1.7oz). According to the blurb and the sales assistant, it actually promises to boost collagen production and thus get to work on my evil forehead lines. It uses Mimosa, Argan leaf and Green algae  to rebuild collagen, repair visible lines and improve skin texture and tone. My first impression of the cream was that it smelled divine – like a sweet ginger cocktail. This definitely influenced my purchasing decision. My puppy loves the smell too – every time I put it on he goes crazy trying to lick it of my face like I’m a giant human ice cream cone. Rest assured, people, that in the interests of controlled testing, I turn those Moose kisses down. It is a very rich and thick cream. The box says that the tub is a 3mth supply in a tub, but there is no way I’m making my way through that in the next 3 months – maybe 6. A very small amount goes a long way for me.

As a bit of background, my skin type is the typical troublesome late 20s type – a little bit oily, but starting to show aging signs. Definite pores, the odd red bump, rarely full on blemishes. It can get a little dry at times, and I definitely wish it was smoother. Origins promises that my skin will be softer, smoother, and literally roll back time.

I’m out of the holding back time claim to be honest. I’ve only been using it for 4 weeks, and I haven’t seen any evidence of getting younger yet. It take a while to sink into my skin (10 minutes maybe?), so I do think it works better as a night cream. As I mentioned before, it smells absolutely divine, so there is an immediate feel good pleasure to putting this on. I have to admit I have not seen any real benefits from using this cream for the last few weeks. I do think that maybe it is too rich for my skin, and someone with drier skin would really see some benefits from it. However, for me it feels very rich, but I’m not feeling any smoother, and I’ve had a couple more blemishes since I started using. I did just check on the Origins website, and they do have an oil-free version of this moisturizer which I would be interested in trying, because the idea of the collagen production and age prevention qualities sounds amazing. However, if you have slightly oily skin like I do, I do not think you’re going to get as much out of this moisturizer as it promises.

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