Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Nails of the Week: Sally Hansen Gray By Gray

This is Sally Hansen's Gray by Gray, which I picked up after seeing that it was a dupe for MAC's Blue Indigo from the new Liberty of London collection. I was totally surprised to see the brush on this thing - it was crazy wide and flat. It did make applying the polish pretty easy, once I got use to it. It's an awesome, gorgeous muted blue, chic and sophisticated without being dull. Definite must-have.

This week has been so strange for me. The weather here has been so amazingly beautiful here (apart from since Monday when it started pouring with rain) that I just had to spend all my time outdoors. I started to run again which was great for the first 45mins, and then hell for the next three days while my muscles recovered! I used to run last summer and really enjoyed it, but then fell out of the good habit. Of course starting out with 4 miles was a little exuberant. I've done 2 more runs since then which felt pretty good, so I'm hoping I keep up the good habit.

So that's some good news. The bad news was that I came home from a few drinks on Friday night to find myself a victim of a Google special. I had an email from Google telling me my blog had been deleted for spam, and when I logged in, all it said was my blog was deleted, with no contact details, reasoning, logic, apologies or anything. You know, the usual "Do No Evil" Google corporate nonsense of how they know best and you are wrong. So I tweeted about it, and luckily some Google employee saw it and put me right, getting my blog back up in a couple of hours. Still, I was pretty mad about it, and didn't really feel like doing any posting or writing for a couple of days.

Buuut, because I don't want to leave you with a bad experience, I also was lucky enough to get a new camera this week from my lovely husband. I am the very proud owner of a new Canon G11. I'm still getting the hang of it, but mostly, it's good good times, and a little bit of a break from my DSLR.

How was your week? Did you get a chance to enjoy the good weather?

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