Monday, 15 March 2010

FOTD: My Wedding Look

Last summer I had two wedding celebrations following my real wedding to my husband which was in NY City Hall back in January. My family lives in Ireland, and his family in Israel, so you can see why we had so many weddings. Because of that, I decided to go to MAC and get a very simple look that I could do myself on the day rather than stressing about arranging make up artists and dealing with all that pallaver. I went to MAC and in just over 30 minutes got a very simple, easy, innnocent and sweet look that I could easily do by myself and was not so complicated that an evening of sweaty dancing (of which there was plenty) would ruin it.

My base was MAC Studio Sculpt in NW25. I apply this with a brush spritzed with MAC Fix+, and I really like it now, although I am going to deviate from it with my next foundation purchase (NARS Sheer Glow I think). I used Smashbox Primer which I think is amazing at keeping skin looking smooth and matte all day.

My eyes were incredibly simple - MAC Paint in Bare Canvas as a base, All That Glitters on the lid, the tiniest, lightest tough of A Little Folie in the crease, Vanilla to highlight, and then I used Nehru as a shadow to line both the upper and lower lid. Nehru is a dark navy, although in this look it shows up as grey. The MUA explained that lining as a shadow would keep the look very soft with no harsh lines. This was the only part of the look that took a while. I also made sure to line my lower waterline with a white eyeliner and get no shadow on the lower waterline.

My cheeks were NARS Orgasm in cream blusher form. I knew that I wanted a sweet, pink cheeked look, and this gave a great glow.

My lips were A Rose Romance lipstick followed by Virgin Kiss gloss. I actually had no idea what I wanted to do for my lips (the original look had Creme Cup which was sweet but not quite right), and then the day before my wedding I was in MAC and saw the new Rose Romance collection and picked up a bunch of things on a whim, and luckily they worked! I still love those colors to this day.

The best thing about this look is that although it was great for my wedding, I can wear it anytime without being over the top. It's just a classic, simple, pretty, summer look.


stephaniepau said...

Thats such a classic look. I really like it :)

Catanya said...

It is Catanya here once again. For some strange reasons I am not receiving any emails from you concerning the blog contest prize via hotmail. I will provide you another email address so that we can finally get in touch:

sadluamoon @ yahoo . es


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