Sunday, 14 March 2010

Living Proof My Hair Can Be Saved

I think out of all aspects of fashion, style, and beauty, hair is my least favorite and I am least skilled at. I have shoulder length highlighted blonde hair, and have had some aspect of that pretty much all my adult life. My hair is super thin and a tendency to be a bit flat, and I never really got into doing things with it. In fact, I have only used a hair dryer 3times in the last calendar year, and 2 of those were because if I had gone outside with wet hair, I would have literally had frozen hair. The other time was last night, when I was playing around with Living Proof’s Full Thickening Cream ($14 / 1.8oz).

Full Thickening Cream uses “a new technology invented by our scientists that creates a micro-pattern of thickening points on each strand. Full creates beautiful, natural fullness and touchable body that lasts throughout the day. Because it's a completely flexible technology, your hair won't collapse or become stiff and crunchy.”

Those are big words, no? The instructions say to use a hair dryer, but I used it both with air drying and blow drying.

With air-drying, I was left with very cool beachy styled hair, and my husband commented that he liked the volume it had. He really did! I could definitely feel the product in my hair – it almost had the same texture as dry shampoo, which makes your hair feel dry with a slightly dusty feeling. It wasn’t unpleasant, and definitely not stiff or crunchy. I was pleasantly surprised, because I have not come across many products that work on air-drying hair, so that was pretty cool.

With blow-drying, I definitely had more volume, but unfortunately I also felt that my hair frizzed up more and looked a little bit out of control. I do admit that I am not the world’s best blow-dryer, but I don’t normally have a frizz problem when I do it, so I guess that you need to take a bit more care in shaping your hair and making sure that you end up with a controlled result.

All in all, I would repurchase living proof’s thickening cream, based on the low maintenance approach to beachy, surfer girl hair. Next time I blow dry it I’ll be more careful rather than blasting it from all angles. I have heard great things about the no-frizz product, so that will go on my list of must-tries.

Have you used Living Proof? Or any other hair products that you love?


jackieg02 said...

I also have very fine, thin hair and this stuff works like nothing else I have ever tried. And I have tried a lot of products. This is definetly something I will repurchase forever.

P: Rovill said...
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scarlettholly said...

I really like it. For those who are wondering about the deleted comment, it was about mange, which is random. But definitely not beauty related.


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