Sunday, 15 August 2010

Puppy Shot of the Day: Mucky Mucky Pup

It's been a while since we've had a puppy shot here on Jolie Laide Girl, but Moose continues to be the most adorable little guy. He also has a nose for trouble, and managed to find a Never Ending Story esque swamp while walking through Central Park yesterday. He actually looked pretty scared as he sank chest deep into the mud. He did quite a bit of flailing around before managing to pull himself out of the mud. His bottom half? Completed covered in an inch of mud. It took 3 baths to get this bad boy clean.


TheFrogBag said...

Awww! He looks a little sad in the bottom photo... but wow, what a muddy pup! And a cute one!

splattergirl said...

is that a King Charles Cavalier? I am not sure if I said it right! anyway he's totally adorable and cute and I wanna steal him! lol :) <3

scarlettholly said...

He is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. I know I'm biased but he is the best dog in the world :)


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